Friday, July 14, 2006

Business Dork, and Mixed Dinner

No pictures today.

Well, I was trying to order things for my September gig, the Shrewsbury Faire. I head up the 'gift shop', and was trying to order t-shirts, getting an estimate on cost by phone. Unbeknownst to me, Husband was listening. After I finished with my verbal agony, he came up and gently said something to the effect of, "Could I help you? You sound like a dork." Uh, help? YES!! Gee, get some help on what I have basically not done before, from someone who had that as part of his job for about 12 years? Gee, is that a no brainer, or what? So, the next item was an email estimate for 'window decals'. I had Husband read the email. He hmmmed, then said, "you are too blunt here." I had to laugh. I worked in publishing, and they use the term 'drop dead date', which I'd used for when I needed the items to me. Figures I have to relearn how to speak for doing business... Hmm. Let Husband do all the phone and email stuff, and I can just pick it up and be done with it. Nah. What fun is there in that?

My dog has decided he's a chicken.
I have been fighting to keep him from eating the food I put out for the outside birds, (5 grain scratch), and he has managed to eat the food every day this last week. I have a chick feeder, which is a quart jar with a metal attachment allowing the chicks to get at the food. Rudee has figured out that if he tips it with his foot, he can lap up the food as it pours out. He can get rid of a dry quart of food in less than two minutes. Unfortunantly, he also returns it in five, usually. I finally put it in a hen cage I have. Did that stop him? No. He just walked in the cage and started eating again! So, I have put the feeder way in the back, where he has to make a hard right hand turn, and blocked the door, so nothing bigger than a chicken can get in. We shall see what transpires.

I chuckle, watching my group. Does Rudee like his dog food? Eh. He will down the chicken food gladly, however, and thinks the cat food is ambrosia. The cats love Rudee's dog food, and try and get into his kennel any time they think they can snitch some. The chickens like everyone's food, so keeping them out of anything can be a challenge. So I spend my morning trying to get everyone to the CORRECT food, and out of barf causing problems... So what do I see as I head back in the house? My oldest cat, Brutus, pawing scratch out of the feeder I just dog-proofed, and having a snack.

I can't win...

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