Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Knitting, and cold weather.

Finally have some pictures of what I knit. After much knitting, I came up with a sweater for Mom. Why no arms, you ask? (Go on, ask, I'll let ya.) There are no arms, as I decided that I didn't want the dreaded "Elephant trunk" syndrome, where the sweater has these long drapy things not even remotely related to the recipients arms. Especially since my Mom asked for something called "three quarter sleeves", which I have no idea how long is on this pattern. So, now that she knows what it is, I can measure with impunity!

I took Mom to the store to pick out the buttons, which was quite a trip, telling her that I couldn't tell her WHAT it was, but I was making her something, it was dark, and what buttons would she like? She was game, though, and they came out looking pretty nice with the sweater, I think. She did, too, actually.

The weather was wet the last few days, to the point that we were looking at the neighbor's lakefront property... Formerly known as the back field. The creek he has at the edge of the property overflows when it rains, and it covers better than a third of the field. This isn't a big problem, except the cows get confused. Hey, where's the grass, what's with all the wet stuff?

Speaking of confused, my Cat Brutus became confused yesterday, poor guy. He was following me around, then I lost track of him. He'd managed to sneak into the garage. Well, he's old, and almost blind, and this was NOT where he wanted to be. Husband found him wandering around looking for an open door. So, Husband opened the door. Brutus wandered out, then went in little circles, still couldn't find his bed and dinner area. So, bless his heart, Husband picked up Brutus, took him about 20 feet to his bed, and set him in it, so that Brutus wouldn't be lost anymore. He does the same thing in fall, we have to rescue him when we get water going in our creek, as he then can't figure out how to get back to the barn. Luckily, he just stands and yowls a lot, so he's pretty easy to find. And, Blogger won't upload a picture I have of an icy window I like, so I guess that's it for now. Next episode, Bears! Maybe Hats and Scarves! Who knows, maybe even (gasp) sleeves!

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