Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boats, and Elizabeth the First

Husband and I went to the Sportsman's Expo in Albany, and it was not too bad. We were sort of surprised on how little there was of some things, and how much of others. Lots of ski type boats, we expected a lot more fishing boats. Gazillions of RV's, and only one dealer we saw of ATV's. NO fishing gear, sport safety gear, guns, hunting equipment, tents. Huh. There was a lady selling waterless cookware, though. (And she must have powerful vocal cords, she talked for almost two hours straight without a break, and still sounded fresh. No, I didn't stop in... Just passing by her stall several times.) Harley was represented. And the one taxidermist there told me the critter I saw in the back was a Wolverine. Doesn't look a bit like the Marvel character... I think there should have been a knitting booth somewhere. After all, there is a knitting olympics, so it's a sport!

And on that minor seigway, I present Her Grace, Elizabeth the First:

I have wanted a spinning wheel for some time, but funds and cooperation with sellers never co-incided. This time it did. Now I have practiced the foot part, that actually is kind of fun. I now have to find out how to get the fluff to come out yarn... Fortunantly, I found out there is a group of spinners near that have meetings on Mondays. I will invade tomorrow.

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