Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Honest, I have been knitting!

Well, I noticed I haven't put a thing in for a long time about what I have been knitting. Some items went to Rabbitch, mostly hats, and I think a scarf. But as you can see above, I have been knitting a lot for Dulaan. And Buc had to pose with the hats, as you can see... I have made socks, (in fact, have a set on the needles), hats, scarf or two, and I also have a kid sweater I am making in two colors. I will have to take a picture of it when I am finished with it, I really like the pattern, I just had to adjust it, it was for a light weight sweater, I just doubled the yarn, and made the smallest size. Since it's for children (mostly, but I made more adult size socks, as I saw lots of pictures of barefoot adults... -60* F, and they are barefoot! GAH!!!) I am also knitting a purse, for me. I have a knitting pattern a day calendar, and the sweater, and purse pattern both come from that.

The sock pattern is one I have had for a long bit, it's two needle socks. When I was first learning to knit, I had a terrible time with double pointeds, but still wanted to make socks. I came upon this pattern "Mary Ann Croisant's Two Needle Socks". If you look up the pattern, it has a little blurb about her being in seminary, and this was around 96ish. I was curious about whether she had graduated, (or whatever it is seminarians do...), and started hunting for her name. I was just fishing, more or less, but I did find her! After a little email chat, I found out she has indeed graduated, or whatever, and is now ministering to the elderly. I think it's neat, someone who helps other people, made a pattern that helps me keep other people (well, and me, I have three pair), warm!

I mowed today. This started out as a good idea. However, I really need to grease the reel, it was pushing waaaaaaaaay too hard, but I know partly the grass was higher than a reel mower is good for, so I did finish about a 1/4th of the yard, anyway. I will just plug away. What the heck, I was told by my doc I need to excercise, so mowing the lawn with a non-motor mower definitely drew a sweat! I will either mow the lawn, or get really good upper arm and leg strength! But, I hope I do get the lawn mowed... Sometime. Eh. Pray for dry weather. Hmm. Then again...

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