Wednesday, March 28, 2007

OSHA approved cat naps, and a new project.

The 4 cone method, when parking long term...

The 2 cone method for short breaks.

And for something actually semi-serious... I am starting a sort of simple fisherman's sweater for myself. Basic sweater pattern, stitch patterns I like, and tinkering. Haven't decided whether to make it a pullover or cardigan. See what it tells me when I get to the front. Knowing my knitting, that will be a while.

They released the picture of the cover "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows" today. My Dad is waiting with unabashed impatience. I am looking forward to it, but at the same time, I am sort of not in a hurry... I mean, it's the last book. No more. Win or Lose, Harry goes bye bye. Meanwhile, Dad and I continue our argument on whether Snape is evil, or just good gone deep cover. (I take the side that Snape is deep cover, a good guy, just hides it exteeeeemly well, Dad thinks he's just one up from Valdemort... Mom doesn't care, hasn't read the books, and wonders what the heck we are talking about from time to time. Poor Muggle...)

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