Friday, June 01, 2007

The yearly trip...

Well, there is an amateur radio (ham) fair in Seaside. My Dad is an adamant fan of this, as much for the social, as the acquisition of 'stuff'. I know a few people too, but I just go... I guess for the family aspect. It was on Father's Day, and I liked that, as I got to be with Dad while he perused various and sundry boat anchors and other bits 'o crap vintage items and radio parts, and maybe found an item or two that I might even buy, (heck, I got a 5 inch TV, like you use in an RV, for 5 bucks. Not bad...), but now it's a few weeks early. No one knows why, or they aren't telling. But, I still get to hang out with Dad, and Mom, so it works.

Husband is watching the home front, feeding and watering, and watering, and watering. I hate "instant on" summer. Especially when it's not even officially summer yet. However, it is good for my garden. Most of the stuff has even sprouted, (except for the %$#@^ carrots... again. I am not patient with these stupid excuses for vegetables! In the immortal words of gardeners everywhere, GROW, DAMMIT!)

I will also be going to Oregon's Sacred Knitter's Spot, Willamette Wool Works. My one time a year trip. I want to get some fiber to spin. I want books. I want black and red sock yarn. I want needles. Heck, Can I just have it all? Please? Oh, right. We're taking the car, not a semi. Darn. Just have to make do... How much stuff can we throw out so I can fit my stuff in the trunk? Dad, we don't REALLY need the spare and that jack, do we?

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