Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Never said this was a daily...

My Mom had a birthday, and I think I did an OK job with the cake. I wish I had more practice with the normal roses you put on a cake, but that will have to be a 'winter project'.

Had another year with Shrewsbury. Went OK, wish I hadn't had to take a nap midday, I was beat. Dad was going strong late into the night. I think I need more caffeine... Mom's leg was bothering her and she didn't attend.

Next "door" neighbor across the street tried to burn his field. Half burned, the other half fizzled. So he plowed it under. Made for an interesting show, though.

Have been getting a great haul from my garden. Lovely crookneck, the occasional zuke, a pumpkin is growing, late corn coming on, sunflower is HUGE, beans are finished... Then there is my "cheddar" cauliflower. Icky. It is big, bad and buggy. I guess I will have to do something different with it next year. BUT, they did grow!!!

So, hopefully, I will be able to post a bit more, maybe... But, I have ONE more biggie type event. The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. (OFFF). If I survive heavy inhalation of wool fumes, I will have pictures... Then I think I am free for a bit. Except for the T'ai Chi with Mom. Tutoring Dad on the Internet. Oh, and I am doing some Charity knitting. And the socks...

*Sigh* Never Mind...

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