Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Bluestocking" doesn't mean good memory...

From "Word of the Day" by Merriam-Webster, (Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Ed.) I did not however get the date.


bluestocking \BLOO-stah-king\ noun

:a woman having intellectual or literary interests

Example sentence:
Now that Aunt Sarah has retired from teaching college English, she fulfills the role of bluestocking by holding literary teas for students at her home.

Did you know?
In mid-18th century England, a group of ladies decided to replace evenings of card playing and idle chatter with "conversation parties," inviting illustrious men of letters to discuss literary and intellectual topics with them. One regular guest was scholar-botanist Benjamin Stillingfleet. His hostesses willingly overlooked his cheap blue worsted stockings (a type disdained by the elite) in order to have the benefit of his lively conversation. Those who considered it inappropriate for women to aspire to learning derisively called the group the "Blue Stocking Society." The women who were the original bluestockings rose above the attempted put-down and adopted the epithet as a name for members of their society.

Now then. I read this and decided that I wanted a pair of blue stockings. I sort of felt it loosely related to me. I was the first in my family to finish college. So, I have been planning to make a pair. Set aside the yarn. Had a newish pattern in mind... Then forgot all about it.

I have been making a pair of multi-colored socks, and just finished them.

I thought, with the weather becoming cooler, I should get out some of my heavier, hand knit socks, so I have some warm ones to wear. I thought, hmm, get the ones in the very back of the sock drawer, there is one pair stuck...

Now, I know that I made these, I recognize the yarn, I recognize the heel pattern, and I must have worn them at least once or twice, as they have the slightest bit of felting on the bottom of the foot. (Real wool, not superwash.)

So, I guess I am a FORGETFUL bluestocking! But that's fine, It's like having a new pair of socks. Even if they aren't. Hmm. Perhaps a philosophy group...

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