Thursday, November 29, 2007

Forward! Slog!!

Well, after bending my brain cells into a pretzel to solve the computer "problem", I started thinking semi-logically. (Which is, indeed, a problem for me where I get into things emotional, like wanting to use said computer for a olympic disc, or truck brace, that sort of ilk...)

So. Computer program won't let email in. Ok.

ISP doesn't care about emails, lets most all in. Ok.

I can get on line, just fine. Ok.

I have another email address, on line. Ok.

Tell everyone to use the on line email! Of course!!!

Now then, if that was so straight forward, why'd it take me several WEEKS to think of it? The only reason I can come up with, (besides being a doofus), is that I don't use the online email at all much, and so didn't think of it as a source of relieving the problem. But it works! I am able to send and receive mail, and so I am on the go, electronically, again...

Woo hoo! Now on to curing the common cold, world peace, and cancer. At this rate, well, someone's great great great great great great great grandchild will get the benifit of my genius. Oh. Well, as soon as I figure out the part about living that long.

I think I will go back to knitting now...

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