Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hi! Can you read me now???

Haven't posted, right?

Well, I thought it might be Blogger's fault. Had a horrible time, couldn't get on, couldn't even dial up.

Uh, oh. Blogger shouldn't cause anything on my dial up...

SO, checked with Husband, did we do the change that MidLevel ISP suggested?

Yes, have you been getting any emails?


We checked. We tried to log on. Nada.

We called MidLevel ISP.

They told us, oh, well, the change we told you to make to go to the larger server? We sent you an email telling you not to.

When was this? Asks Husband.

Oh, about 2 days ago. (We, being worried about missing emails, had followed the directions THAT SAID WE WOULD STILL GET OUR EMAILS, about 4 days earlier.)

Husband then asked, OK, we've changed, now what?
Oh, simple, just set it back to the original parameters, you'll be fine.

So, after Husband, sweating bullets about what all was changed. Me, threatening oaths that will not be repeated, about MidLevel ISP and all who work there.

And finding out that ONE &*#@!!! box left un check marked, in a list of crap with which to make your Internet work, won't, in fact, LET it work...

We are back on.

We have email.

And MidLevel ISP said we don't have aaaaaaanything to worry about. Until December. When they change servers. Again.

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