Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful? Yep.

I have been trying to work on my pessimism. It led to this blog.

The stupid computer won't work, and hasn't been sending out emails.

I am thankful I can still USE the computer. I am also happy to receive phone calls from friends that are "just checking in" because I haven't emailed them.

Husband can't get the problem fixed on the computer.

I am thankful that he has the patience to work on it, (whereas I would just like to use it as a starting block for a semi), and the knowledge to do so.

I am porky again, because I am not exercising.

I am thankful I am not hungry, and that I can at least walk, as there was a time when even that much wasn't possible.

I was 'bitten' by one of the chickens, have a big cut on my finger.

I am thankful it was my chicken and not my dog. :) I am thankful I have healthy animals that can jump, and run, and aren't afraid of me.

I didn't like the ice this morning.

I am thankful that all my animals have thick coats, and that today I was able to see what a wonderful animal a llama is, they had ice on their backs (!!), but when I brushed it off, then lifted the hair, it was dry and warm underneath.

The llamas were butt heads, and wouldn't cooperate this morning.

I am thankful that they are getting comfortable enough with me to BE obnoxious, and not just bolting when they see me, like the did when I first adopted them. I also was able to spend more time with them today, because I had to reposition each of them in different areas to feed.

I didn't get to do anything for Thanksgiving, no cooking, nothing.

I am thankful that I have a Mom that loves to cook, and enjoys it. I am also thankful that I will get to do the Christmas dinner. (If I can keep her out of the kitchen! heh...)

So, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays! More blog as computer allows...

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