Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guh? It's Saturday? And daytime??

I slog out from my NOW FINISHED Christmas knitting, yes here is


isn't it lovely? I think the edging gives it just the right touch.



I hope they are the right size.

(Pictures after Christmas.)

Went to Godkid's 2nd birthday party. She looked at the llama puppet that I got. Hmm. Gently set it down, then proceeded to visually devour the "Is your Mama a Llama?" book, until she went into crash mode, and became the magic boneless child.

Went to my friend's book signing. I am envious. I had some little stuff published, a while back, but not more than a page or two. This was a big story, in a book! I will read it and get back on a review. (It's Sci-fi, and in L. Ron Hubbard's "Writers of the Future")

I am going to work on Christmas cards, now that I have one finally drawn up and printed.

Need to make more cookies, we are almost out, just because I was the good aunt, and so now my niece probably has enough cookies to keep an average size kindergarten class hyper for the next week... And I think I get extra points, I let her listen to the music SHE likes on the way home. (I kept control of the volume, or I do believe I could maybe have heard a nuke blast right next to the truck. Maybe. Let's just say I had to turn it way down just to hear HER.)

Oh, and now that I am finished knitting?

I am knitting... (Sheesh.) I decided I wanted to make a couple monster toys, (think "Where the Wild Things Are"), and so am making a first one. Glitter the Critter. This one has long donkey ears and horns, and will have three fingers, possibly the same number of toes. Named Glitter because it has this shiny stuff in one of the "fur" yarns I am using, that gives it a sparkle...

Thingy # 2 will have one eyeball and teeth, and whatever else I decide to make.

Yeah, Christmas are us, yeffer! If you're Stephen King, maybe.


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