Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blatant plagerism...

Well, was wanting to do a blog today, and didn't have much to make a blog.

So, I was catching up on the blogs I read regularly, and caught this one on (which Blogger won't let me make a link...)
which looked kind of interesting, so I have the time (Husband had to go rescue someone who got a machine from him, and now can't run it correctly. No, my eyes aren't rolling, why do you ask?) So I might even be able to get it finished in one sitting.

So, to wit:

100 things about me.

1. I watch entirely too much Perry Mason. I even get grouchy on occasion when I miss it. (And I am too cheap to buy the DVD's.)

2. I like capers.

3. And head cheese, depending on how it's made.

4. And pickled pig's feet.

5. I went to one grade school, one high school, the length of the school (k-8, and 9-12), which I found out is kind of unusual.

6. I went to 3 colleges. Only graduated from one, however.

7. In fact, I only went to one of the colleges for ONE term.

8. I like to knit.

9. I like to spin yarn.

10. I also like to spin yarns. I can story tell quite well.

11. I love reading history. I usually had my history texts read before the school year was up. Sometimes in the first two weeks, if it was on a topic I liked.

12. I am a worker in a Renaissance faire.

13. I consider 13 to be a lucky number for me, along with 7, 11, and 42. No, I don't know why. (Oh, and 13 is the luckiest of that bunch, good things almost happen to me on the 13th of the month.)

14. I am a amateur radio (ham) operator.

15. I have the odd ability to be able to take something like a pattern, and change it, and make severe changes to it, but have yet to be able to make a pattern on my own, or of my own. (Working on that, however.)

16. At one time my family had about 19 cats. They were all dumped on our property, (except one. I don't think Mom ever let Dad forget that he told me the story of hiding a kitten in his sleeve...) We had them all fixed, and we getting rid of nearly a bag of cat food a week.

17. I, on my own, have had 7. I am down to 2. It was a hard winter, and my poor oldsters didn't do well.

18. I have four llamas, and Husband is very not excited that I named the boy Lorenzo, and the girls, Rama, Lama, and Ding Dong.

19. I like puns. A lot.

20. I have made about 20 or so skeins of yarn since I have been spinning.

21. And so far I have made, of that, a whopping one hat, and 2 mittens.

22. I hope to knit a sweater of the stuff. But have to decide what style to knit.

23. I have had 20/200 or worse vision since I was in first grade. My doc now calls my vision acuity "20/roadkill".

24. I have a tiny egg business.

25. I am going to get more chickens, so it will be LESS tiny.

26. I love trees. I was in Arizona, with my grandparents, and felt sort of exposed, because there were no trees.

27. I do have a minor problem with oaks, though. In the fall, when the leaves are on the ground, and the wind blows, I keep thinking there are mice or rats scuttling around. (Yes, I have an overactive imagination, why do you ask?)

28. I am a chocolate freak. I have found only one chocolate that I don't like. It was at a dent and ding store and had Russian writing on it. I just skip Russian chocolate, and now I'm golden.

29. I hate math, as a rule, so when I started to knit, I nearly shishkebobbed my husband when he explained that I was doing fairly heavy duty algebra to change sizes on my patterns. I have now decided it's not math if I am using it in knitting, it's just figuring. Math sucks, figuring doesn't.

30. I like to rationalize a lot.

31. I love days that are overcast. Grey and cloudy are nice. Oddly enough, bright, sunny days make me uncomfortable. (My eyes hate sun, and more than 70 degrees, bye now...)

32. I like some video games, usually not violent ones, however.

33. Which doesn't explain why I was so intrigued by "Castle Wolfenstien". Blood-o-mundo.

34. I like the ones where you have to solve puzzles.

35. However, I was not on the bandwagon of video games, I had Pong when It came out, but didn't play much except on the games you paid a quarter to play. Just never got into them that much. (if you don't know what Pong is, go look it up on Wikipedia...

36. I love roses, the plants. I think cut roses are nice, but the plants are so wonderful, I like to grow them.

37. I am a Darwinian Gardener. That is, if something grows, I plant it again, if not, bye now. The only exception is carrots. I keep trying... And trying... Can someone get this dent out of my head, from where I am hitting it against the wall?

38. I am a Leo. But have rather few of the Leo traits...

39. (Hmm. This hundred thing is a bit harder than I thought.) I am playing a computer game called Travian. This is an interesting game, you are the chief of a village, and your goal is to have people in your village, and not get attacked.

40. I have nearly 100 villagers.

41. I have not been attacked.

42. That could change. (It did, I was attacked. Bummer.)

43. I like Harry Potter.

44. I bought a Harry Potter knitting book, and intend to knit Dobby's socks.

45. I also want to knit (or crochet, can't remember which it is), Mrs. Weasley's sweater.

46. Husband groaned when I told him this. (Dobby's socks don't match, and Mrs. Weasley's sweater has a LOT of different colors. His color scheme is blue. And occasionally brown. But mostly, blue.)


Oooookay. This is where Blogger decided to NOT save the other 53 entries I had put down. So, here we continue.

47a. I wore a witches hat to a Harry Potter showing, but it was windy and the hat blew off...

48. I decided that the next time I will wear my cape, it shouldn't blow off. And my Weasley sweater. And my Dobby socks...

49. I wore a Viking helmet to a church tea. My Grandma was furious, but everyone else thought it was great. (You were supposed to wear a hat, they just didn't say what KIND of hat.)

50. My favorite color is red.

51. I don't however think a whole lot of the red hat society, and I shore as 'ell am not going to wear a PINK hat.

52. I love to knit socks, I do not have "second sock syndrome". With one exception, I have finished a pair of every sock I have made. (I haven't finished the one pair, as I haven't figured out a technique yet. When I do, they will be on the Finished Object list, too.)

53. Gloves, on the other hand, so to speak, are my downfall. I have a glove, it's sitting quietly, waiting for a mate to be finished... Still.

54. I like to do archaic things like spinning, and cross stitch.

55. I know how to make a bow, but haven't learned fletching, so my arrows... Are sticks with a notch.

56. I hate cell phones. Don't mind real, corded phones, don't even mind cordless landlines, but I have yet to meet a real, functioning cell, that I didn't want to use for a starting block for a semi truck race.

57. I want to learn things, but several of the things I want to learn, I either have to find a book, or find something (usually accidentally) online to get the info.

58. I like Star Trek. I don't read or watch it much anymore, as it seems to have become rather formulaic, but I still like it.

59. I want to make a bumper sticker, or a email signature, that says "If you are LOST, go to JERICHO." But I am afraid ABC would have infringement issues.

60. I like Pushing Daisies. Husband does, too, which is nice, because he really doesn't care for tv much.

61. I like vanilla tea.

62. I wish I could remember all the bits I put down that equalled 100 before Blogger lost its mind.

63. I would like to have a camel. Husband doesn't. Let the battle of wills begin.

64. I love to read, and read a variety of books.

65. I found out that only 15% of the US uses an antenna to get tv, vs. getting dish or cable. We is one of those 15%.

66. I guess I am not worried if we don't get the updated tv, we don't watch that much anyway. But we did go for the coupons.

67. I planted asparagus this year. I haven't ever tried raising asparagus.

68. Paw Paws, as well. I figure, if it doesn't work out, I can always feed animals...

69. I had a story published in a national magazine, but haven't made an effort to do so again.

70. It was in "Cat Fancy".

71. My favorite holiday is probably Christmas. I love the decorations and lights.

72. Husband, not so much, so we compromise, and the 26th, the stuff is gone.

73. I want to make some garish, eye blinding, outrageous Christmas socks. (I don't know what I will do, but be warned, I have glow in the dark yarn, and I know how to use it!)

74. I have jingle bell Christmas socks, but the bells don't jingle, intentionally. I would prefer not sounding like the precursor to the OK Corral.

75. I knit myself a Chicken Viking hat, (looks like you are wearing a plucked chicken on your head, the "horns" are the chickens legs, and the ear flaps are the wings), and have worn it several times as a faire person.

76. This winter was the first time I wore it IN WINTER. I will make a more demure one sometime, (sans legs, and more appropriate color), to wear in public, when I am in town or such.

77. Then again, I might not.

78. I have been told I speak too "smart" for most people. Being that I am shy, and I have a large vocabulary, this makes me sound arrogant. I guess I need to work on that. (The shy part, not the vocabulary. Look it up!) :)

79. I don't know if I can now, but I could bench press 50 pounds. But I can carry well over 50 pounds, if I carry it on my head.

80. I have always wanted to fly (bird like, not plane), and dream about it quite often.

81. However, I am quite afraid of flying. (Plane, not bird.)

82. I have been told, but have never seen it (for obvious reasons), that I have a light port wine stain on my back that looks like a witch.

83. I love to draw, but everyone that has seen my work has been somewhat surprised that I do draw. One even said I was a liar, that it had been done on a computer.

84. I have petted a cheetah.

85. I have carried around a tiger cub. (I had to give it back though, darn it.)

86. And a baby albino skunk. (No, they don't really stink, they do have an odd musky odor, however.)

87. I like Celtic knotwork, and have tried making some, with limited success.

88. I am finding out, watches, especially those with a date in the face, are becoming passe'. So many people use a cell phone for this, it makes the watch superfluous. (But I still don't like cell phones.)

89. I would like to ride on an elephant, or a camel. Or both.

90. I like peanut butter sandwiches, but for some reason, I don't do well when I eat them. So, it's sort of like a person drinking, then getting a hangover, I eat peanut butter and have a peanut butter hang over. It doesn't seem to happen with peanuts, or with stuff with peanuts IN it, so I think it's the 'butter' part, maybe.

91. Am I EVER going to reach 100?

92. I enjoy being alone, but I like being with people. I guess I grew up as an only child, and never had the alone problem like some of my friends.

93. Ah! Noting #92, I am an only child. So bring on the cliche' crap about only children, so I can see which ones I am...

94. I had a woman tell me she didn't want to associate with me because I was an only child, and that only children were "brats". This was after I had been in the class for a month, and we (I thought), had been getting along great.

95. I have a compost pile that is half the size it was last summer in my back yard, and it is still almost 7 feet high.

96. I have voted in nearly all elections, I know I missed a couple, but I try and be a good civic citizen.

97. I wish, however, that the lead up to voting didn't make me feel like I had stepped in dog doo.

98. Most of my chicken house is made from boards from a remodel of the local Presbyterian church.

99. I have often wondered if you could make a cake from fudge. Not the cake type fudge, but real fudge. Talk about rich!

100. I have a nice family, a wonderful husband, llamas, chickens, cats, and a dog, and I am pleased with all that I have, and now I am DONE!!!

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