Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Llittle Llama Rodeo. And I am the clown...

Went out to feed this morning. The fresh air, the birds, a bit of wind. Oh, it was nice this morning. Annoyed the cats, as I pulled the tarp off the hay, (I could SEE the cats, therefore I was less likely to crush same...), and then pulled down a bale. And so I trot out to give the llamas some breakfast.

And Lorenzo is out by the pear tree.

The pear tree is in our front yard.

No where NEAR the pasture.

With no fence near him.

After wondering if I needed a new eyeglass prescription, Husband and I rushed over to get him put back. Husband stayed with Lorenzo, and I went to get some grain. (A way to a llama's heart and all that...).

Lorenzo realized there were goodies involved, he was SO there. This worked swimmingly, until I got to the first gate, where the other llamas were. I was trying to open the latch, and SPITTOOIE!! Right in my face from an indignant Lama, who had no goodies, and was showing her displeasure to Lorenzo. But got me. By mistake.

I think...

Soo, I was sort of groping, trying to close the gate, so I could clean my glasses off, and on one side, angry llamas. On the other, a "henpecked" llama, that was rapidly deciding that spit was less fun than food. And was starting to want to leave the spit area. (Well, so did I, but I really didn't want more company on this little rodeo...) So, I shook the grain bowl, and had his attention again. He realized I was walking away, and followed. It was sort of a funny little walk. I walk, pause, wipe crud off glasses, he gobbles food. I pull bowl away, walk. He trots up quickly, humming with anticipation of the next bite. Repeat.

Took him to the back gate, which was where he came out. Turns out, the latch that was wired on, gave out. Sooo, we used a chain, got it on where it wouldn't come loose, and now Lorenzo is back in the pasture, and all full and happy.

And I took a shower...

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