Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big stuff finished, little stuff to go...

Well, today I finished the hard part of getting the garden cleaned out. I have used a 'grubbing hoe' and more or less dug out all the grass that had built up. (I could have baled it, to give you and idea how long this had been let go.) So, now I have to get the seed out and put where I want, and move some plants, and a bench.

Oh, and a lot of flowers are going to be re-arraigned, so I have daffodils out front, and in back of the house. Not in the garden. That is going to be tulips and such. Why?

Deer like tulips. Deer don't like Rudee. The garden is right next to his kennel.

Husband is on the hunt for bamboo for me, as well.

Like I say, it's a work in progress.

In other news, I got Tuxedo to eat from a bowl with me about 3 feet away. 2 feet 11 inches has him screaming away in terror. We're working on it.

Tuna helps.

Now if I can just decide if I want to buy an infomercial product. It looks cool on TV, but the reviews are less than stellar. (GT 101 Express, if you are interested.) I am beginning to think I might look for one on EBay or Craigslist... Or something. But I am not sure, the reviews seem to imply the non stick... Isn't. That I don't need.

I stick things on non-stick all the time. This doesn't bode well for flimsy anything. Besides, I don't need more Teflon in my diet, thank you very much.

Going to an Ag event tomorrow. I hope to have pictures. It's a kids event, and I will be showing how to spin. And maybe escaping long enough to get pics of little animals...

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