Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Out in Public...

(An addition to yesterday's blog. Orange cauliflower, check. Green Cauliflower, check. Purple cauliflower, check. And, FINALLY, I think I might have a couple peppers trying to sprout. Certainly took them long enough. So, check....?)

So, this last few days had some interesting incidents. Fun ones, for a nice change. I will say right here and now, I don't blow my nose in a "lady like" manner. I have been told I sound rather like a fog horn... Among other things... So, I try to keep it below jet take-off decibel level, but didn't the other day. I then heard a small boy in a cart exclaim, "MAMA! Her nose farted!" I thought I would laugh myself silly.

Mama, of course, was mortified. I told her I wasn't offended, it gave me a good laugh, but I guess Junior was being reminded that commenting on what everyone said/did/looked like, wasn't appropriate in public. Too bad some adults don't remember that. But it was funny, anyway.

Mom and I went to Arkansas Mart the other day, and while we were looking for pencils, were separated. I called out to Mom, found them! She called back, where are you?

I called back, "Marco!"

She, "Polo!"

I, "Marco!!"

Then she AND an extremely bass voice call back, "POLO!!"

It caught me so off guard that I burst out laughing. Mom found me that way. But It just cracked me up, Mom, what a deep voice you have!

Lastly, my Dad and I went to a dinner, where he was getting a pin for volunteer service. We were to win the floral arrangement, if we had a sticker on the bottom of our cup's saucer. I looked under, and the sticker was under mine. A gent on the table said, Wait a minute... Then proceeded to check every other saucer on the table before he begrudgingly admitted that I had the winning sticker.

So, my prize?

Roses and doohickeys. I hope to find out what said doohickeys are, but they are pretty, whatever they are.


  1. You cracked me up! Loved the stories. I don't know what flowers they are, but they are nice.

  2. I was informed by one of my favorite readers that they are Freesia. So, doohickies have a name... (And a thank you to said reader for the heads up!)


  3. Anonymous12:47 PM

    You are very welcome. And I am very honored to be considered one of your favorite readers. I just checked to see if a new blog was up and noticed the flowers again and decided to see if anyone had left you a comment with the answer. Wanted to see if I was correct. Since there has not been a challenge to the answer I will consider that to be an incouraging sign. I am posting as anonomous but I think you will know who I am. :-)

  4. :)

    Cat. And yes, I *do* thank you for the info...


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