Sunday, April 20, 2008

Short blog.

I woke up to hear Husband trimming his beard. And this poem came into my head, such as it is.

Husband's beard trimmer,
sounding like a drunken bumblebee,
grazing on salt.

And Pepper.


(And I think this would be free form poetry, I don't think it fits haiku.)

In other news, Mother Nature has lost her mind, or her calendar, or both...
Yes, Dear Readers, that is SNOW on my pear tree blossoms. This is April 20th, and there is SNOW on the ground, about an inch or so. We aren't supposed to have SNOW this time of year.



  1. were the blossoms ok? or did they freeze?? I wonder if that snow is headed my way...

  2. I believe they are ok... I guess I will have to see once the weather warms a bit. As far as the snow? It looks more like the jet is heading CA way, not so much CO. BUT, I am not a weather guesser by profession, so YMMV...



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