Thursday, May 01, 2008

So what will you do on your summer vacation?

I will be socks-ing!

Yes, boys and girls, I decided to get brave and enter a knit-along. I like to knit socks. This is a sock knit-along. Good times for me! Now I can knit and take pictures, and really put even more odd things in my blog.

(And many, many thanks to Jessica of who explained to me how to put the button on my blog... Yarn, good. Computer, PITA. )

Oh, and speaking of odd things... I found out our pump house is a boy! Why?
Well, here is our pump house...

And here is what I caught it doing, out in front o' God and everybody!
See? It's peeing out in the yard!

And last, but not least, the newest member of the family...

Tuxedo! He wasn't sure about the camera, at first, but when I put it down and he played with the hand strap a little, and then I turned it on in front of him, he was fine. Now if I can just convince the rest of the cat crew that he is ok. He makes this rather difficult, however, as he insists on trying to beat everyone up.


(Oh, and Happy May Day!)

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