Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Hello.

(Seaside Part Two will be here soon, I promise...)

Well, Let's see, when we last left, our protagonist was waiting to see what was going to happen with her Mom. Mom went in, had the surgery, it went WONDERFULLY. The doctor was worried that he'd have to do some extra work to get the surgery to come out right with the extra metal in Mom's leg. Not so, he did some doctory stuff, and didn't have to remove or change anything therein, making Mom's leg as strong, and less painful. She is having a little problem with a nerve going ape-o, but she obviously has improved, as she doesn't look like she is going to throw up when she moves, and this is AFTER surgery, folks.

My one friend that had been in the hospital died. He had a long life, but... yah know... It still sucks to lose a friend.

My other friend is back about working with his cows, will find out eventually about whether he's got something serious or not, but his doctor was "hopefully optimistic", read, most likely he's just got old dude stuff going on, not cancer. (We hope...)

I am having a drama unfold in a group I head up. I have been informed that several people do NOT want to work for me if I don't fix troubles. SO, what troubles? Oh, we don't want to cause hurt feelings, so we will have our representative tell you. Sooo, I call said rep, she isn't replying to my phone calls. So, I might be without extra help later on in the year. Husband has said that he can't really help much, but he and I have come up with a plan to make it so I can get any yutzbutt to work on the project, not needing to depend on these highly trustworthy, but come to find out, highly diva people. Live and learn.

I have my garden in, finally, beans and corn, squashables, and some sort of cute little thing that I have to check my garden list to see what is, are coming up. ( I tried a lot of new things, and I don't know what the sprouts look like.)

Husband had sold our last boat, and now bought a new boat, a drift boat, we tried drifting it, I found out that I like rowing, but I am a wimp, and can't row against current well, I can keep the boat still, but, oh, making our way back upstream? Nope.

Finishing my socks up that I did for the ham fair, Dad named them, "Harmonic Rainbow". (Picture soon.) I want to hurry up and finish them, so I can be ready... To knit socks. It's "The Summer of Socks" starting June 21 (12:01, I note, yeah, like I am going to set my alarm...), and so I want my needles cleared for Sock season. As opposed to duck season. Rabbit Season. Or Elmer Fudd Season, even.

I am enjoying the company of Tuxedo, but I have found out I have a cat that bites, he just loves the attention, that makes him a bit horn dog, then he takes it out on my arm, or finger, or what have you. He knows the second he chomps that I am going to be upset, but he is learning to settle down. I need to take him to the vet, to make sure he's healthy, but my home grown cat smarts says he's in pretty good shape. And fixed, which is good, I don't have that expense, but sad that someone would take that time and effort, then dump or leave him.

I had pigweed come up in my flower gardens, even in my woo-woo (for me) rock garden. So I am pickin' pigweed, and replanting. I am also moving rocks. Getting figured out what goes in sun, and what in shade, and who knows, I might even have something presentable by the time I get my AARP card!

If I hurry...

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