Friday, July 18, 2008


Tried to do a good today, volunteered for the Local County Fair, worked with people that HIGHLY annoy me. They didn't dissapoint, sadly...

Found out one of my friends had her dog die, and her husband, daughter and father are sick.

I did too much stooping and picking of weeds yesterday, and too much walking on cement today, and feel like I have been in a fight. And lost.

Generally not in a good mood. So, this entry is short, and to the point.

I am going to bed.

Good night.


  1. How do you say Pbbbbbbt? Is that like a frog sound, but with a 'p'? Sorry about your day. Sounds like you need a day for YOU!

  2. I spelled as best I could the sound you make when you are doing a "raspberry". I suppose it *is* open to interpetation! :)

    Happily, I did just have a day more or less for me, so all is well now, just sorta stunk that day...



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