Sunday, July 06, 2008

Romance is in the air...

This is a story of a rooster named Houdini. He is a very old rooster, with a pair of spurs that would make any cowboy proud, and feathers as black as the deepest jungle midnight.

He had a group of girlfriends, and he was happy. He would strut, and crow, and... other things, and seemed to be the biggest bird around, even though he was actually a bantam, and the smallest of almost all the birds. Unless you count the barn swallows.

One day, the farmer was getting just a little bit tired of the mess and chaos of the bantams, and decided a family that wanted eggs could have them.

Houdini didn't know this. He was content in his oak tree. The others were stuffed into a big dog kennel, then stuffed into a large TV box, where they were transported to somewhere near Portland, to keep a family with two young boys happy.

But Houdini was no longer happy. The farmer had bought Rhode Island Reds, and they were all bigger than he was. Three other roosters, by the names of Pebbles, P.J., and Junior would chase and fight with Houdini, who didn't have anyone to strut for, and was beaten up on a regular basis.

Houdini was sad.

Houdini would not crow, because the other roosters would beat him up. He couldn't stay around the hens, because the roosters would chase him away. Houdini moped. He wouldn't crow. He didn't move a lot, just sat on the gate and watched the group, and was sad.

Finally, the farmer had enough with the 3 roosters being so obnoxious, and put them, unwillingly, in a bachelor box, where they wouldn't hurt Houdini. Houdini brightened up a little. He would crow. He would go into the area where the chickens were, since the big rooster, Long Tail, didn't care if he was in there or not. Houdini seemed happier. The three roosters were not, but they are jerks, and so we aren't too worried about them in this story.

Then the farmer noticed one of the hens kept escaping the gate, and going into the yard, annoying the HECK out of the the farmer. How was she getting out? WHY was she getting out? The farmer was starting to contemplate fried chicken, baked chicken, or even chicken strips... Until she realized that the hen was out with Houdini. She LIKED to be around Houdini! He would cluck, she would run over for the bug, he could crow, he could strut, he could do... other things, and she stayed with him. He was happy again.

The farmer is now trying to convince them not to go out in the road, but other than that, she is trying to figure out if Houdini had an assistant, thereby giving Houdini's girlfriend a name.

So, hopefully, with some encouragement, they will live happily ever after.

(And if I can catch the two of them, pictures will be on the blog, later...)

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