Sunday, October 26, 2008

October is a slow month.

Yeah, right. Normally, it is. But, NOT this year! In fact, I am writing this quick blog to assure all that I am indeed still in the land of the living, (but in the land of the driving all over, most of the time, right now...), but I do give you proof that I was at Shrewsbury this year, they had new knights, and I got a rather 'eh' spot to watch them. The good spots were in the direct sun. I am not crazy, a mad dog, or English... Well, not a mad dog or English, anyway.

This is proof that I made it to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Fair, (OFFF). There weren't as many exotics this year, so I have no yak or camel pictures. Just darlin' little finger sucking goat and sheep. (I had to wash my hands several times, I just couldn't resist petting, and they couldn't resist finger sampling...)

And this is proof that my dog still loves french fries as much as ever. (We had to grab the box from him, or he would have eaten that, too!)

I will post sooner or later a REAL blog, with what I have been doing and all, but at least you know I am still around. Flying hither and yon, but still around! Oh, and I passed my range day, for anyone who is interested. Family has said they might start calling me a Pistol Packin' Mama.

I hope not...

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