Monday, December 15, 2008

Houston, We Have a Kitten...

Well, here at Fur 'n Feathers Farm, we now have a bit more fur. One of my parents neighbors is moving, and in the garage, found a kitten. I am a cat person, (no, I realize it's not a surprise, hush...), but I was worried, as the person was trying to find a home for said kitten.

I worried, thought, considered, then asked Husband (who is allergic to cats, mind you), would it be a problem to bring in another cat? My stomach was in knots asking, I might add. It's not like we need another animal of any type. And it will need to be inside, as it's below freezing. And, and and...

Husband looked at me, shrugged, and said, sure. Why not? I'll just make sure to take my meds.

Husband just knows perfectly how to make me waste a good worry build up...

So, I present to you, Kitten (yet to be named). I am not naming it Kitten, although that is what we are calling it at present. I had a cat named Kitten, so I want something different.

So, we have thought of some names. What sex is said Kitten? Male, we think, but it will become an "it", very soon. (I get enough animals just asking for them, why make trouble?) I will refer to said kitten in the male. So, we've come up with

  • Marco Polo (he loves to explore, leading me to nearly have a heart attack when he went BEHIND the wood stove while it was hot. Hello, vet? What do I do with Kitten Flambe'?)
  • Itchy (Yes, for the reason, he is digging at himself a lot, even after I gave him a bath. And Bless Him, Husband loves "The Simpsons". And no, I don't intend to get a mouse...)
  • Schrodinger (Physics joke.ödinger. Yes, I am a bit of a science geek. Sadly, when I have said this as a possible name, not one person has gotten it.)
  • Parrot (When I have taken him around during feeding, he likes to sit on my shoulder, he talks... A lot, for a non-Siamese, and he has a long tail.)
  • Ebony Burl (He has a wood grain pattern in his fur, and it is black.)

I am sure I will come up with something, but so far, nothing has 'stuck'. I have also considered cat names from the show "Cats", and "Dick Wittington". Nekko. You see the dilemma? Instead of DECREASING the names, I keep coming up with MORE!!! This isn't good.

But, the kitten seems healthy, except for some sneezing, which might have more to do with the nasty excuse for litter I bought than any respiratory problems. (which will ALSO be vet checked... )

We just had snow, and it's freezing. I don't feel like competing with idiots that want to test the 'cookie' power of their 4 wheel drives. Basically, if I don't have to go anywhere... I don't. I might have to soon, though, I am out of Vanilla Tea. Priorities, ya know... So the vet check, and my tea will just have to wait.

I have three socks finished, the photo stinks, so I will do my best to give you a rundown. These are my Mom's Christmas presents. The light green one is a redo of a pattern I am designing, it's made with some ??? type wool. I bought it through a fair trade resale shop, so no idea what brand.

The center is Knit Picks "Pine", with some brown, again of uncertain provenance... Just a plain vanilla socky type sock.

The last is from Knitting Pattern a Day Calender 2008, June 6, "Hawaiian Lei Socks", except I tried a different toe. I hope that it works. It certainly looks... interesting. Sock yarn... Uh. I thought it was Blue Moon, but I can't find the band. I have one more pair, (finished) that is Socks that Rock "Basan", plain vanilla sock. Mom loves knitted socks, so I figured that would give her a few pair. Then I can start making them for myself again.

So, you may notice that there is only one of each? Why? Light green mate is currently on needles. Knitting semi-quickly.

Dark green, I underestimated the amount of yarn I would need, (Knit Picks is usually quite accurate on amount, I am not sure why I was so far off), so I am awaiting more Pine, to finish the second foot.

And the Hawaiian Lei socks? Well, it's just a hard pattern for me. I had it in Time Out twice already... I guess I should just lock myself in the craft room, large amount of chocolate and aspirin, figure out what I am doing wrong, and finish it. It's one of those patterns I adore for looks, but don't seem to have knit-knack for.

But, Mom'll like it. Payback come Christmas, I guess...

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