Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, I have officially passed my CERT training, I think it was very interesting, and hope to get more "education" as it becomes available. Besides, I got a cool t-shirt. We won't talk about the vest... I do NOT look good in yellow, and this is alarmingly danger yellow. My gawd, my neck threw up!

Husband is rather non-plussed. He received his AARP card yesterday. He grumbled until I told him I couldn't figure out why they'd send it to him at 47. And they say GUYS are bad at remembering birthdays. He IS 49... I just can't count, it seems.

It's snowing like crazy, has been most of the morning, but nothing is sticking. Yet. Quick update- I just looked out the window, and there is just the merest skiffy looking bit that is sticking, but that's after several HOURS of fall. So I am not too much worried yet. Now tonight, hmmm... Apropos of nothing, the snowfall is quite close to matching the song "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who. Kinda neat.

The above photo is of my second cousin's grand baby's new out fit I knit. I finished it the day before she showed up. I believe the Yarn Harlot said that the baby can't show up until the knitting is finished. Hmmm... again. I will be sending it off tomorrow, I think, or as soon as I get the address. But I am rather pleased with it, at any rate.

Presently have one baby outfit I am sewing up, and still knitting on another. Also working out a fingerless glove pattern, but it's in "time out" right now, as it isn't behaving at all nicely, and rather than throwing it in the stove, I decided that doing something else might help. That's one of the problems for me, when I don't follow a pattern, I tend to knit boo-boos, then have to figure out what boo'd...

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