Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uniform of the Day.

Attention on Deck! I have finished a set for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. Finally. I like the pattern I am using...


(You knew there was going to be a but, right?) I think it has WAY too many seams, which I am working on correcting, and it does bind offs in a couple places, like under the arms, that just seem strange, when you could just do a decrease. So, the next set (presently on needles) will have a few changes. I guess the reason I don't just find another pattern, this one is nearly as basic as you can get, so I have lots of room to play with patterns, designs, that sort of thing, with out needing to re-invent the whole thing each time. (Yeah, so what am I doing? Changing several major portions of the pattern. Go figure.)

In other news, I am getting tired of waiting for eggs. I have ONE hen laying, about every 2 days or so. I am feeding 11 hens, and one rooster. I am a forgiving soul, and I realize that I have seem to have an old age home for chickens, but knowing that I have two young hens that should be laying any time now is annoying, when I was used to having enough eggs for myself, and to sell! Poop! (Oh, that reminds me, I just cleaned the hen house, if anyone is interested. One resolution down. Heh...)

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