Monday, March 16, 2009

Catch up.

Well, I have been knitting the unusual, like this spiral sweater, (the arms are on each side where the big pins are, near the top). I found the name on another blog (can't remember which one at the moment, sadly...), and looked up spiral sweater pattern. Ta Da.

I love Google...

I might try knitting this as a blanket. I think it might make a nice one.

My knitting has also been more typical, as well. The next pics are of two baby blankets for the NMCRS stuff. I call the first one "Psychedelic Snowfall", the pattern reminds me of snow skiffs on grass, and the colors are bright, hence not snowy looking at all! Bernat Baby sport. And another Google search for baby blanket knitting patterns.

Did I mention I love Google?

This one is the one most near the finish. Standard ol' Feather and Fan, with Red Heart Baby Sport. I put it in 'time out' for a few days, after it misbehaved by lousing up and losing 4 stitches so the pattern didn't work. Did it tell me? Did it jump up and say, Woman, stop before you have a problem umpty rows up? NO. It sits silently, contemplating what malicious mischief will happen as it just waits...

But... I am almost finished with it, so I will not have too much more malfeasance from this one. I hope.

Good News/Bad News.

Good news, I wasn't the only new Sheriff's Volunteer, I think they said at the last little thing, there is a total of 13 or so. This means they can have the sub-station open on Fridays! This is just a nice thing, people don't have to call or drive over to Albany if said sub-station is open. And I now have an actual volunteer shirt.

Bad News, I am the last on of this group, so all the spots are taken for this month. So I might have to go through the Junior Woodchuck's Guide to Working at a Sub-station again, when I do actually have another day. But we will have a potluck/meeting soon, and maybe I can come up with some wonderful dish that will make the guy deciding my work schedule want me there more often...

With the rain, my walking has been spotty. My Brother in Law found out I am using music to get moving, and gave me a bunch of his CD's. This is just stuff he has collected, many different styles of music, so I have been going through that and picking and choosing. (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, sure. Scorpions... Not so much. Alice Cooper? Oh, well, "School's Out for Summer" is fun. Some other sundries, some that I put on to listen to, but wouldn't be good for walking, it's more post walking cool down. But it's sure fun to see what there is. Then again, he gave me several hours of modern classical music (which sounds strange, as far as genres go), uh... No. I do not really need that for walking. I might tolerate some Sousa marches, but this stuff makes Yanni sound like Heavy Metal! But, it was nice of him, none the less...

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  1. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Hi Cat, Just read on Franklin's blog you're trying to figure out how to teach your Dad to knit with the whole left/right handed thing. My Mum taught a left handed girl to knit in the girl guides by facing her and getting her to copy my Mum's movements. Hope this helps and makes sense!


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