Sunday, May 17, 2009

9 Lives Air Guitar, and PIO county...

Hmm. I have found that my cat Tuxedo, is absolutely in LOVE with being an air guitar. I rock out and he just digs me using him as said instrument, bouncing around, singing and all. Except, he doesn't just want me to play the guitar (rub his belly), he wants fingerboard work, too (chin)!
This is easier said than done with a 14+ lb. cat! When I can con... vince my husband, will have a photo. For a cat that was as shy as they come, he has turned into my left... foot. And, actually, that's usually where he is, too.

Went to my latest CERT meeting. It's always interesting to keep myself awake at these little gatherings, I am normally going to bed when the meeting starts. (When you get up about 3-5 AM, bedtime tends to be accordingly early.) I have solved this problem, for the most part, with a caffeine blast about 2 or so hours before the meeting. Only problem, I had been up late the night before, and so was still bun-dragging tired. Didn't seem to cause too much problem, I am just glad that everyone is oriented to 'do it, get it done, leave'. I have been in too many meetings where a one hour meeting is about 3 hours long because of lots of Bravo Sierra, and I have actually stopped going to several because of it. (The advantage of being a volunteer.)

During the meeting it was mentioned that a Public Information Officer (PIO) would be a really good idea for the county. I wasn't exactly dozing, but this little thing didn't ring any bells. One of the gals that I work with at the sub-station was there, and started talking me up to the group, oh she is a great writer, really responsible, etc., etc., etc., and ended with, "and she writes really good fiction, too." To this, one scamp replied, "I've filled out lots of time cards, I'm good at fiction, too!" After the laughter died down, I was more or less the center of attention on would I do this thing. I finally had a bit of a chat with one of the head honchos, what do I do exactly? They had assumed that I had lots of experience. If you count sending 2 line notices to the newspaper, I suppose I do have some...

But, not to fear, there is a course for PIO learning.

Bless his heart, said honcho was looking into the future, saying that if the group got big enough, I could go to Maryland for advanced training. Cringing, I asked if it was a long drive. He laughed, you wouldn't drive, you'd fly. I then told him that I was afraid of flying. (Please note, this fear is PRE 9/11. It's not rational, or reasonable, just is.) The only problem, the person I was talking to is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Sort of like a mole talking to a bird, there's more than a little disconnect... But I told him if I had to fly, I could always ask a doctor for some little pills, and I could just be so haaaaappppy when I was flying. That seemed to amuse him. I then mentioned that perhaps I should worry about the basic class first, he agreed.

So, I am a newly minted PIO for the CERT in my county. Ya know, a few more acronyms, I will have an alphabet!

Oh, and I have ONE "Can't be done" sock finished, so far haven't noticed any problems. News as events warrant...


  1. Most cats attack hands that rub their belly. I read it is a reflex action because a mouse/rat would do the same when trying to run away and if it went under the cat, the cat would automatically reach for it's belly wiht claws out.

    What is CERT? I think I have heard the acronym before.

  2. Absolutely cats will attack your hand, depending on how much they trust you, the mood they are in, and the reflex you mention. I have had cats that trusted me so much I could pull stickers and burrs from the belly area, and they'd doze off. I have had cats that tried to take my hand off at the wrist on more than one occasion because I reached near a leg. Mostly depends on the cat.

    And CERT- Community Emergency Response (or Resource) Team. I live in a rural area, where we've been assured no help in a major disaster (earthquake, or equivalent), for several days. CERT is a way to have your community area prepared. (It's also used in cities, but help will probably be a little faster in coming there...)


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