Monday, July 06, 2009

Being nice can be annoying...

I was a good kid this morning. Went for my walk, got the old pulse rate up, even took the dog... Rudee seems to get a lot more walking finished than I do, but when I go in a relatively straight line up and down the hill, and he wanders in a zig zag pattern, I guess that's not too hard to accomplish.

I went spinning. Managed a good two hours worth. Ran out of room, so I had to stop, or the fluff would end up clogging the flyer. NOT a good thing, ask me how I know... One of the gals in spinning saw my (puffed up) ankle, asked about it, (she's an RN), and when I mentioned what happened, she was worried that perhaps it was more than a sprain, it was a torn ligament.

Eh. I can walk, and it's getting better, so I guess I am not going to fly into panic at this point.

Went to several stores, lots of in and out, and into the truck, and out of the truck, and just generally lots of walking. I was being macho. (Macha?) ANYWAY, was trying to ignore the fact I was getting tired and my ankle was starting to hurt.

So I go into Arkansas Mart, and decide I am going to use one of the go carts. I go in the door...

No carts.

(Censored comment).

I grumble about the fact my ankle hurts, can't get a stupid cart, mumble grumble grumble.

Then I see who has the carts. A lady that looks like she was elderly in the age of Queen Victoria, and the little cart in front is holding her oxygen. The other was a man with a missing leg.

Ahem. Well. Guess I can walk a little more. After all, I am still mostly ambulatory. KLUTZY, but ambulatory. And I am only missing a kneecap.

But I reiterate, being nice can be annoying. But I guess I need to go home, sit on my tooky, and count my blessings.

And put up my ankle...

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