Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Picktures, getcher Picktures!!

So, this is where I actually get my s... tuff together and show what I am working on.

This is Doobie Bear. He is into Peace, Love, and Rock 'n Roll, and normally lives in my VW, but I am working on a vest and a belt for him, so he can be a bit more fashionably attired.

These are the start of the hats I am knitting for Shop with a Cop, there are regular watch cap style, and some snowboarder style. I switch it up on occasion so as not to be bored. 10 down, 40 to go to get my goal.

This is a hat and baby blanket I just finished for the Deputy that has a preggers wife. It doesn't show very well in the photo, but the basket weave stitch is the perfect width, it makes each of the colors stand out as if painted on each weave.

Sorry about the blur, but this is... I think, my first Christmas knit for this year for family. Mom luved luved LUVED the color, and she found a pattern that she liked, so I combined them for a sock that is a knockabout type slouch sock. Did I mention she liked the color a lot?

Number One Tabi Sock (mitten or toe sock, aka...) I need to sit down and read the instructions again, so I don't mess up, I would like to have a nice pair to wear when I have flip-flops on. (Oh, and the colors are not as bright, the red in this photo is closer to a pink.)

And lastly, this is what you get when you start cleaning your craft room! Husband saw me scowling, and asked if he could help. He is good about going hog wild DOING, so I said he could SUGGEST what to do, I needed to do the actual DO part. He made a suggestion, an excellent one, and I am finding the room again. So what's with the books? They are EMPTY journals. I have been thinking about buying a journal to put photos of my FO's in. Guess what, I just earned a free journal with sweat equity!

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