Friday, August 21, 2009

Feeding Time. (Picture heavy post.)

I decided to take my camera with me at feeding time the other day, to see if my furry and feathered friends would be willing to be photographed. Looks like it was a fairly good day!

Normally, Tuxedo has a nice expression. I think the sort of grumpy look is directed at the dog, not the comestibles... (Rudee LOVES cat food, and will try and help himself, if I am not right there.)

This is Leo. He is on of 12 new chicks. This is the best shot I could get of him, he is the most rambunctious, adventurous, stubborn chicks I have had, hence the name Leo. What's my birth sign? Uh. Never mind...

This is the whole group, with Mama Bird. I tried an experiment, we have to make sure they can't get through holes in the fence. Husband put up a gate with 2 inch holes. I moved the board that keeps them in. Boop, bip, zing, boop, they were heading out like water through a sieve. So, we will have to keep the poor kids in for another week or two. Mostly so I have a garden or two at the end of the season.

Longtail, the proud but oblivious daddy. He isn't aggressive to the chicks, he isn't kind to the chicks. I don't think he realizes what they are. He just sort of looks, sees that they are around, and goes back to watching for threats. Like hawks, Rudee, me stumbling, or the occasional llama that walks into the chicken yard. (He is getting better about the llama, however.)

Buzz the Hyperactive Wonder Kitten! This is one of her favorite spots, if she isn't up a tree. Part of this stems from the fact that Rudee... Um... missed his calling as a proctologist. He has literally rolled Buzz over to take a sniff. So, she has found that staying waaaay up high, she can stick a toenail into Rudee's nose if he gets too much 'behind' in his work... He can't reach her here, however, so all is well.

2 of the girls. Shearing went well, and they seem almost frisky with the heavy coat gone. Considering it's been near 100 * off and on, I am glad we were able to get the job finished when we did. Some of the family say that they look like alpacas on steroids now. Oooookay... Heh.

This is a shot I really liked. Peek-a-boo!


  1. Loved the pictures, thanks for posting them! We have chickens, and two cats, but that's it. I grew up on a farm, so I get nostalgic sometimes for the ambience of being surrounded by animals.
    I now have "hungry like the moose" stuck in my head too BTW!

  2. I was cruising through your blog list, and saw one of your comments with regards to getting in hay in the super hot weather. Yep, that is defintely one of the things that I DO NOT miss about not living on the farm anymore! Hard work that is!

  3. Yeah, animals were why we moved where we did, we lived in a tiny city near by, and I had continual fights with my neighbors about my chickens getting out, and their dogs coming on my place. (We found out one was connected to the other, eventually, the dogs were digging out to get at the chickens, so the chickens escaped!)

    Yes, it's not fun to get hay in such weather, but it is sure wonderful to smell (and sit on) in the barn, and it is sure nice for the llamas about, say, January...

    "Hungry like the moose". Heh. Ooops. Heh... Yes, I am mental like that sometimes. Song worms are my downfall. I will have to blog about a commercial my husband teases me with sometime...


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