Sunday, August 23, 2009

First fruits. Even if they are mostly vegetables.

Another picture heavy post, today...

This is some of the first items from my garden. Well, okay, the first picture is just because I thought it was pretty. I think, pumpkin?

A very tinkery to grow hybrid watermelon. It is a 'personal size', meaning it's probably about as big as it's going to get. There was a second one, but there was a little weeding accident. Ahem. The chickens liked the smaller one, anyway... Hmph.

I still don't know what happened here. I thought I'd planted crookneck squash. These, they are NOT crooknecks, people. All I can figure out, I was planting while in some amount of pain, and Mom was helping me, so I wasn't as one hundred percent paying attention like I should have been, so my crooknecks are all sunflowery...

Well, there is hope for Halloween. It's the first little pumkin I found. (If you saw what a monster this vine has turned into, you'd know WHY this is the first one I have found.) I could make a 'boo baby'? Time shall tell...
I have complained, and complained, and COMPLAINED about not being able to grow zukes. Easiest thing to grow. Riiiiiight. So I planted lots of zukes, hoping at least one would do something. Hey, presto, ta da! I might be able to make zuchinni bread with my own zukes this year! (Will miracles never cease.)

As you can see, there are a LOT more zukes, where that came from. Some beets and carrots, too, which is wonderful, I haven't had much luck with beets, and NO luck with carrots, (planted those for Dad, he eats fresh carrots like some kids eat candy. Hence the reason I wanted the darn things to grow!), but this year, I seem to be having luck with the stuff I haven't been able to grow well. Go figure.

I have tomatoes that are coming on, too, so I think I might even have some goodies for veggie soup, and freezing, that sort of thing. This will be soooo nice in, say... January.

Makes it almost worth the weeding. Almost. Heh...


  1. Your garden looks beautiful!! Lots of great stuff in it, making me hungry just looking.
    I had a beautiful garden last year, but was barely able to throw in some tomato plants and cucumbers kind of last minute for this year. They are doing well, and I might have enough tomatoes to can, but in the meantime there is enough of both to toss in with our green salads. Yum!

  2. I was very late with my garden this year, so I was quite suprised that things are doing as well as they are. I know what you mean about the tomatoes, I am holding out hope on some canning, but so far, my Mom has been asking, "So, any new tomatoes for me?" (I like them canned, she likes them both ways, it works...)


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