Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gagets, they are a dangerous thing...

Made the mistake of showing husband CNC/lathe videos on YouTube. I have created a monster. So, while he is out pondering whether he can do some of the neat and wondrous YouTubity stuff on his machines (he does contract work for a local company), I commandeer the computer for a quick blog. (I feel like I should be wearing an eye patch and petting a parrot.)

Anyway, I have sort of figured out how to use the side bar. I think. Maybe. It looks right to me, anyway. It gives me some idea how I am doing, and I can't wiggle out if the Weekly Weigh In isn't so great. Can also be some motivation, gee, more DOWNs than UPs.

I have been rather annoyed that I haven't been able to exercise, I was grumbling about not being able to bike. (That might change, I am going to try later, using my leg brace. It ain't pretty, but if I can stop the hurting, I might be able to accomplish my goal of biking to my parents house, about 3 miles away. Right now, I have a goal of biking to the end of the road, about... Not very far away, 1/8 of a mile or so. )

Can't safely walk the hill, yellow jackets are on the warpath. Little demons. One of my friends keeps chiding me, they are God's Creatures, you shouldn't be upset with them. Um. Poison Oak is, too, but I don't have a lot of use for that, either. Oh, well.

After much consideration, I figured I would try my Tae Bo tapes. I was mortified that Husband would come in and comment, (he isn't mean, but I get heavily self-conscious sometimes), or worse, the In-Laws. (I hate jiggling and sweating, and I am as graceful as a drunk on skates doing some things that need coordination.) And I was going to use it for this winter, when it was raining. And I hadn't watched it, so would I even be able to do it? All of these thoughts kept running through my head. All the reasons I *can't* do it. Then, thankfully, my inner two year old spoke up. I WANT TO! NOW!

Smart kid.

I did want to exercise. And so what if someone saw me? Isn't it a bit better to be caught sweating and working out, than to be caught stuffing my face? And somewhere in my few braincells, something about dancing like no one is watching. Well, ok, it isn't DANCE, exactly, but it's something. For me. Something GOOD for me.

Good for me. Yeah. Hmm. So I put in the tape. I was floored. I knew this stuff! I had taken Tae Kwan Do before my accident, (and miss it a LOT) and this was familiar! I could do, well, most of the stuff. I even started counting out loud, and "Woo" ing with the tape.

Then Husband came in. I was startled. He smiled, waved and went in the back room. I swallowed, chuckled, then went back to work. I was jiggly, sweating...


I still have the coordination of a lobotomized orangutan, but I am familiar enough with what he's doing for it not to be a washout. If I don't understand, I just jog in place until I either understand, or it goes to something else. I will have a few places where my lack of balance might work against me, but for now, I can do something, I don't have to worry about being stung, I don't have to worry about hurting, (much), and I enjoy it!

Pretty good for 5o cents at a used stuff store, huh?

2 year olds are quite wise, on occasion!


  1. Good for you! And I agree, we should all listen to our inner 2 year old voice more often!^_^
    I totally understand your shyness with working out in front of others when following an exercise tape. I used to have a phobia with regards to that as well. Now I just get annoyed because they will come waltzing in as I'm sweating and grunting away and start TALKING to me!!! Hello?? Can this wait for maybe another 20 minutes?? Honestly!
    Interseting that you mention the yellow jackets. The boys had a rather nasty encounter with them last night. Any words of wisdom on that? Such as where their nest might be? Just so we can avoid future stingings? We are mystified as to where they came from, seemingly out of nowhere. Though we have tried to locate the source.

  2. I guess I want to be more active, but between my body not being as... healthy? strong? as it should be, and the seemingly endless parade of annoyances, I think sometimes the gods are rolling on the floor laughing their tookuses off when I plan something... So when something works, I guess I don't want to have anything mess it up! (My mom had the same problem with me, but it was usually bath or bathroom time for her... KID!! LEAVE! Please...)

    As far as the yellowjackets, they tend to be ground dwellers in this area. That isn't gospel, however, I went out to open one of our metal gates, and the nasty things had found a crack that had formed, and were making a nest in the tubing. But all I could suggest, wear LIGHT COLORED clothing, and slowly (VERY slowly)walk in the area you suspect them. They tend to make a nest in the ground that looks like a hole, any where from the size of a small superball, up to ones I'v seen about the size of a small baseball. I am no expert, but you may also have paper wasps, or hornets. We are so lucky, we have all of 'em. Needless to say, summer can be interesting on occasion. Pic-nics are pretty much out on our property. You can probably get more information through your extension agency, if you have one, or look up yellowjackets on line. Good Luck!


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