Monday, August 24, 2009

Short stops...

Just a quick blog.

I was looking up some songs that I like on YouTube, to see what was there. I looked up "The Devil Inside". Views, 689,666. Somehow, I thought that was appropriate.

I was listening to NPR, and they were talking about violence on Indian Reservations. It was said that President Clinton had attempted to help, and now President Obama was "taking a stab at it."

And I thought I was bad about puns.

Have a great one.


  1. I love NPR! I was listening to a program today, I think it was "On Point" maybe, but they were talking to this woman and how she was one of the leaders of this new trend. Not letting kids have cell phones when they were 10, or tvs and computers etc in their rooms, etc. This is the wave of raising GEEKS, which is the new form of cool. I've always joked about how we're raising a couple of geeks, but who knew we were part of the new wave of cool by doing so??

  2. I guess my Mom and Dad were ahead of the curve. I was only allowed to have a tv (black and white) in my room, when I was in *high school*, and only allowed to watch, I think until like 8pm after homework on school nights. 2 exceptions, Cosmos, and Benny Hill (no, I don't know why they allowed me to watch Benny Hill, except that I found it funny, I think they liked hearing me laugh.) And it isn't that we didn't have access to TVs, my Dad repaired them for a living for a while! Computers, didn't come to my house until high school. Only begrudgingly took to cell phones as an adult, (emergency phone, but mutated into pocket annoyance now...)

    Yes, I must say, I really don't think I was harmed by using books, radio, pencil, paper, etc, to learn and grow.

    Hooray for our side!


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