Friday, October 02, 2009

Ahh, country life. Or is that AIIGH?

This week had some interesting events. Went out to hear my cat Tuxedo mewing me over. Oh, sweet kitty, nice kitty, what is going on?

That's when he led me over to the RAT in the dead center of my flower garden. It was about half the size of my smaller cat, so 6-8 inches in length, not including tail. ICK! Being too lazy to dig a hole, I had to put it in a garbage bag, so it would go into the garbage and away.

Another incident, tried picking green beans. It rained, and then I noticed, I was picking right next to a WASP NEST. So much fun...

Went to open up the chicken house, when I noticed a very wet and confused chick. It had managed to sneak out when I'd shut the door the night before, and had been out all by itself, in the rain, outside. I am just surprised it wasn't brunch for some predator.

Then was Lorenzo's little drama fest. He doesn't get treats all that often, so I try to give him a snack when the 'girls' aren't around. I saw they were in the upper field, and so I brought out a cup of grain for him. I moved my arm over the fence, he sniffed-


I wasn't impressed, but figured I'd come at him too fast, it startles him sometimes. Wiping the green muck off my face, I calmly tried again, saying that I would be slower, oh, what a good boy-


Right in the face, I was spitting at that point. A perfect head shot. I decided he could find his own snack that day, I wasn't going to try for the lucky third time. Bless his pointed little head, he kept humming, and stepping along the length of the fence to find out why I wasn't giving him a snack after all that.

Ya have your good days, ya have your not so good days. Then you have days that really... Well, okay, I can laugh now. Except for maybe the wasps. But that's just the way it is here in the middle of our craziness.

Oh, and I started spinning some of the dayglo stuff, will get pictures when Husband finishes with the camera. I will also have a pic, hopefully soon, of my skeins that I have actually finished, and hope to start knitting with soon. (I have a LOT of them, but haven't quite finished the processing yet. Getting them wet, letting them dry to set the twist. It makes the craft room look interesting, if nothing else!)

I am also up to... 32 hats! I finally am getting to the road to fifty!

Something tells me that I might ask for volunteers to help next year...


  1. Good kitty!!! He killed a rat just for you!!! I hope you heaped tons of praise on him. The only thing worse than a dead rat in the middle of your flower bed is a live one in your house or barn. I am not a fan of rats. We had them over at the Halsey farm house on the back porch. The only good thing they ever did was clean out the kllinkers from the bottom of the chimney with the idea of making a nest there. As soon as the cool season started though they abandoned that plan.

  2. Yes, I was telling him, oh, nice kitty, now please eat it, or take it away... No such luck. I am not a big fan of rats or mice, either.

    One of my friends was bed ridden, and her cat would bring her things in through the pet door, she finally had to have her aide put a stop to it, when Kitty brought a... I believe a mouse, and dropped it on her bed, front and center, but said mouse WASN'T DEAD!!!

    It caused much commotion, from what I understand. She wasn't a fan of any rodent, (didn't even like squirels, as I remember.)

    Rats around here are just nasty, too. They get in and pee on stuff, Husband had a problem with an odor, we found out a rat or mice had made a nest, and were using part of his backhoe cab for a loo. Soooo charming...

  3. Good kitty! For catching the rat I mean. Maybe next time there will be follow through with rat removal?
    I hate rats. Ugh. Just the thought gives me the shivers. We've never had a rat problem, but have had a few rounds with the squirrels here. They are persistant and destructive.


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