Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Surprise scale day

It's been a long week. I have not been able to exercise much, unless you count walking from A to B and cleaning house. (I really don't, since I didn't do it all that much.) I have been aching like I-don't-know-what of late, I had to even take something for it. I try to walk it off, but when it's the ankle, that sort of defeats the purpose...

But I watched what I ate. (And for the wags in the audience, I don't mean I watched it go in my mouth... Heh...) I guess more accurately, I was aware of what I ate, I tried to eat what I should eat, not just grab something convenient. I also bought some apples, and if I was still hungry and really, really couldn't ignore it, I ate one. JUST one. I ate what I wanted, but I was nearly zealot religious about portion control. (Rudee loves me a lot right now, I had fries, and had a portion, the restaurant gave me enough for three, at least, Rudee ate the rest. My dog is a carbohydrate monster, and thought it was Christmas.)

Quite frankly, I didn't expect to lose an ounce. My body just doesn't seem to have the oomph right now to do anything right, it seems like.

I lost 1 pound.

Man, where did THAT come from? I just don't get it. I sweat and stew and fret, nothing. This last week, I more or less just watched portions, and BOOM, a loss. I are so cornfuzed... HAPPY, but cornfuzed.

In other news, we have a new bobcat in the area. One of the neighbors had hunted down the last one, and so I had been letting the chickens out into the main field again. Then Husband headed into town, and nearly had a hood ornament. Said bobcat flew past his truck and dove through the fence on the other side, getting his furry bobcat butt temporarily stuck in the process. Soooo, the chickens are now banished to the chicken yard (heavily fenced), again. At least I have some left overs, and garden ends to feed them, so they aren't bored out of their little teeny minds.

We had a frost, and so I took down all the wilted vines from Rudee's kennel, so the sun would shine in and warm it up for winter. Jokes have been going about that I need to buy him some doggie sunglasses. He is on that side, soaking up the sun, so maybe so! Or one of those tanning mirrors...

Swine flu signs up at the sub-station, saying more or less that if you are sick, stay home. This H1N1 is getting a bit unnerving. I have my regular flu shot, will see about getting the other, as will Husband. (He who didn't NEED a shot, he who blew off his wife's harangue about getting sick, until last year, when he was down for nearly a month with flu, I was down... about 2 days. He was convinced the wife was growling for a reason...) I just worry about my Goddaughter, my niece, they are both in that high nasty risk range. I believe my Husband and I are probably less susceptible, but we are hardly immune. (For once, I guess, being anti-social is a GOOD thing.) At least most of my family is of the age where they actually have immunity as they are old enough to have been in the last round of H1N1. Especially my grandma, who is allergic to eggs, and so can't get the shot in the first place.

So, I will be doing this, that and the other, off and on, and will have to see if watching my portions and apples, and perhaps getting some exercise somehow, will work for another week. Wouldn't hurt my feelings!!!


  1. Congrats on your surprise 1 pound loss!!!

    Hope your chickens are safe from the bobcat. I'm watching mine cruise about the yard even as I type this.:-)

    I too have noticed the swine flu postings of late. Sigh. And I agree, sometimes it pays to be antisocial.

  2. Yes, thank you, I am almost to 10! My knees will thank me. Maybe even my ankles!

    I am worried generally about the chickens and my cats. At least they seem to be smart enough to hide out when they are sleeping, and they run like the Devil himself is after them, if they think they are in trouble, so I guess it should be ok...

    And, who knew there was an advantage to me being antisocial? :D

  3. Woo Hoo!!! I am impressed! Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you! {grin}


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