Friday, October 16, 2009

Whoa. What happened???

I went to have a nice lunch with my fellow volunteers, we have a mostly monthly potluck. One of them was letting us know she was leaving. Minor poo, as I really like her, but a new gal, who I like, is starting, so it evens out. (I jokingly refer to the new gal as the Pistol Packin' Grandma, she was so terrified of shooting on our Range day, she vomited. She did quite well, and that's now her nickname with her grandkids, as well as me.)

Got home, and had several phone messages. One was that a close friend of mine had died. Adding insult to injury, I probably won't be able to make her memorial service.

Another phone call, to clear up some info on a volunteer group, lead me to find out ANOTHER friend might have cancer again, (he was in remission).

Ya know, days like this are just... not pleasant. Especially when they start out so nice.

And damn it, there really isn't a thing I can do about it, either way.

Hmm. I know "life goes on", but it still sucks, big time.


  1. So sorry to hear about your friends. You are right, life does go on, but still, it is stressful as we always wish there is something we could do in such a situation.

    Thanks for the great comment on my blog BTW. I really like your insight on things. You have a way of making me laugh and go hmmmm in deep thought all in one sentence. I like that!And I too have one of those cough, cough, husbands, cough, cough. Arrgh.

  2. I have always found that things eventually even out, but just having all these little "bombshells" in one day, (well, two, I just found out another friend is now getting a divorce...) is just a TAD bit overwhelming. But, if you are superstitious, (like I am), that's 3, darn it, that's quite enough!!!

    Well, I am glad when I can add something to a conversation. And did *I* say that? Bad Cat...



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