Tuesday, November 10, 2009

G whiz. Bummer.

I started praticing my G on the little guitar I have. (And I mean little, it's a 'student' guitar, about half size of a standard acoustic-y one.) I started, and it actually sounded good, the first time, YAY ME.


Um. What? I look at the string. One of the nice steel strings is now a unravelling mess. I am still practicing for placement, but trust me, the sound? Ding, ding, TWANK, ding, ding, ding... And it makes the chord sound hideous. But the idea right now is for me to be able to even place the fingers REMOTELY in the right spot. Sooo, I guess perhaps my reward for 1o pounds down might be a new set 'o strings. Hey, good sound is good sound, right?

But, hey, I do see where I am with the fingering for G. So, a string, a string, my kingdom for a string.

(And she of the puns was thinking G string and G spot, but I will just let them sit quietly for now... Heh...)


  1. Oh that's too bad about the string! You know, I took up piano lessons a few years ago, took them for three years. Then I quit. Actually I mostly quit at the time because it was too stressful to go to a lesson when I hadn't practiced much during the week.(during the spring I am very busy at work and my outside activities really suffer.) The other reason I quit was that I really wasn't improving. Most of the time it didn't bother me but sometimes I thought "I should be a lot better by now." I read something the other day that said something to the effect of: "take up something you enjoy, don't worry if you're good at it, the important thing is that you enjoy it." Makes me think I should start dabbling again.

  2. This is strictly for me, I figure I can play for others if I want, but it's just for enjoyment, I don't intend to become a rock star or anything, so there's no pressure. I guess, to paraphrase, the perfect is the enemy of the good (enough). If I do well enough that others want me to play for them, great. If I don't, I still can amuse myself. Good either way, yes? :)

    (And that's your 2 bit philospy for today!)


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