Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, but don't fear the reaper...

Well, I was hurting this week. I slid on the exercise. I did watch the portion control... Until I was offered chocolate. I was SO careful. But... No CD this week.

NO CHANGE. 0.0 lbs.

I am going to have to ask the doc about some exercises that I can do that don't involve walking or running... All I can think of is sit ups, or curl ups, possibly push ups (I might have to resort to 'girl style', from the knee, the ankle is driving me bonkers...), anything that works the belly muscles, at least. If all I do is arm exercises, I don't think it will do much. Yes, a little is better than nothing... But arm workouts, don't seem to get the heart going like belly or leg workouts.


Since Halloween is over, I finally cut down my flower garden. I had expected some Trick or Treaters, but didn't have any. (The little stinkers missed out, I had cookies and crackers galore... Guess Husband has a few quick grab snacks.) Anyway, since I had expected a few, I had let all my flowers die back, and get that scabby, dirty, black look they get when left to decay. I put a tombstone in the garden for effect. I left the window boxes with dead and decaying flowers as well... Hey, I thought it looked somewhat spooky! At least spookier than bright yellow and orange flowers and bright red petunias had! Mom suggested that I get black flowers and put them in the window boxes next year, or do an Addam's Family, and cut all the tops off of fake roses, and put them in the flower box. I am thinking I might have a party next year, if Husband is amenable. I never get kids, so I should invite friends and make an evening of it. Then my decorating ideas could actually be seen by more than 2-3 people.

We'll see...

The cutting of the flower garden is an enjoyable task, but it unnerves people driving by. I walk out with a scythe. (Yes, looks like what the Grim Reaper uses), and cut all the flower stalks and such down. I didn't realize that it was so foreign to people, until I noticed that cars go by so sllllooowwwly when I am cutting. I looked up, and one lady was ashen faced watching me. I waved, and she sped off.


I wear a blue insulated jacket, jeans and gloves, I really think I am a little declase' for a Reaper. Even a Reaper in training. But I enjoy using the scythe, I want to get a weed whacker for some of the bigger areas, but the scythe is pretty straight forward, I don't have to worry too often about parts*, and I can really cover quite a bit of ground pretty quickly, and if I have no pets or kids around, it goes fairly with out incident. (However, getting said pets away can be a challenge if it takes longer than about 15 minutes, as they KNOW that I am there. Curiosity and all that.)

So, I will see what the rest of the day holds, I have to do some banking, and then go do my shift at the sub-station. Next week I will be helping at the sub-station AND the hospital. You know, if I ever had to work, I think I could take some time off! Heh...

*I did lose one of the handle joints. Thank Goodness, Husband figured out how to make a new one, I tried to use it with only one handle, the balance was messed up to a big degree, don't think I could have cut butter with it in ten tries... We did find the handle, but to this day have never found the metal handle joint. Odd...


  1. Stick with the scythe. You're much less apt to get burned! I got a rather nasty burn and now have a scar on my elbow from a weed whacker incident this past summer.
    Sorry no loss this week, but sometimes remaining even is also a very good thing!

  2. Yeah, I have used the little buzz boxes, and with family who is saftey oriented, I look like the Michelin Man (Woman?) with all the saftey gear. Not a bad thing, but I do know, even with that, I have been stung by flying debris, and burns aren't out of the question.
    And I am not too bummed, I wish I had lost more, but yes, holding steady ISN'T gaining, so that, so to speak, is a plus!

    But I must say, if I can keep the animals away, I prefer the sycthe, it also gives one a better work out, (as my upper arms can attest after an hour or two!)


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