Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whoa. Body hurt alert... With a major "ick" factor.

I had heard of something called a Master Cleanse. It was supposed to get rid of your bodies toxins and make you feel good, etc., etc., etc... I thought the toxin removal sounded like a pretty good idea, actually. But I couldn't find any stuff on the internet that said why, or HOW it did what it did. I then saw this article:


This lady doesn't just go to someone that is selling the stuff, she goes to doctors of a couple different ilks. After seeing what she went through, I decided that my toxins can just enjoy the stay in my gut! This sounds like a great way to cause yourself many problems...

Actually, it reminds me of the little patches you can buy, that are supposed to remove toxins from your feet. Some reporter took the patch, poured distilled water on it, and pouf, there were "toxins" showing up.

Guess caveat emptor is still with us...

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