Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I am going to moon you!

Sorry. Just some PUNishment.

I just wanted to share this lovely sight out my window when I woke up this morning. The moon was just getting ready to set, and being full, over the neighbor's trees, just seemed to frame it nicely.

Scale day. Well. I was careful. I didn't over eat, I made wise choices, except for one. We have had an inversion here. Read: I cough like I am going to heave a lung. So, I got out cough drops. I forgot to read the label, and I am eating bags of these things. Uh, oh... It wasn't sugar free, and I have had a lot of them this week. So, I didn't do so hot. The funny thing, the not sugar free drops make me drink lots of water. Strange. Anyway, I am now grumbling slightly...

Gained .4 pounds.

I must say Husband has been good about my working on this, he has encouraged me a lot, and when I was going into one of my snarl tears about not being 10 yet, he got that sneaky smile and said, "Honey, I think you need to weigh a little more than 10 pounds." Of course, it caught me off guard, I laughed, and realised, yeah, I am taking this a little more grouchily than is absolutely necessary... He then went on to say that .4 was better than 4 or 4o pounds.

I told him to stop while he was ahead.

In other news, I have found out that we have a potential fast food restaurant in front of our house. At least Buzz the Hyperactive Wonder Kitten thinks so. I was washing up a dish, and watching the birds land in my planter boxes by the window. (During the winter I put birdseed in, so they have more food.) I wasn't really paying much attention, just watching some little finches deciding between sunflower and some millet, when ZOOM all of them flew nearly straight up. (Think Harrier Jump Jet on Red Bull.)

Next thing I see is two white paws hanging off the planter box, a nose level with the planter box, and hear scritchscritchscritchscrapescritch, THUMP! I finally figured out the thump was when she got her feet under the box and could do a back flip down to the ground. I was rather amazed she could jump to it, it's better than 6 foot from the ground, with no nearby jumping points, so basically, she jumped flat footed to get up there! I guess it's just lucky that the boxes are heavy enough that she didn't end up with... um... Heh... MUD on her face.

Gah, I am really a glutton for PUNishment today, am I not? Sheesh.

AND... (drum roll) I am finished with ALL 50 HATS!!! (Sorry, I don't have pictures.) I sent my last few in Monday, so I am donedone done! Husband says that I am no longer the Mad Hatter. One of my other friends said that I should do it again next year, but do one a week, and then I could even have 2 weeks off. Yeah, I'll get right on that one... blurble...

Ok, for next week, sugar free cough drops, hopefully a weather change, and downward scales again...


  1. Loved the beautiful picture! I must say that this is one of my favorite things about winter, some of these beautiful early morning moon views.

    And I totally know what you mean about the fast food restaurant thoughts in cats brains. My little grey cat was hitting that feeder on a regular basis. She caught quite a few too especially considering the almost impossible angle with which she had to work around!

    Good luck with the sugar free cough drops and achieving a loss for next week. You'll get there. And just a .4 gain? Heck, that may have just been all that phlegm you have yet to dislodge!!

  2. Lawdy, woman, don't DO that, I was reading this at the substation, and the deputies thought I was choking when I read the phlegm comment! HAhahaha!!!

  3. Cats can jump onto anything. Short of a tall building. And maybe even that.

  4. They don't have to jump in that case, just make sure they run fast enough to get in the door... At least that's what happens in my house. Funny thing, they always stop at the fridge...



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