Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not as bad as I'd feared.

Gained .6 pounds.

Ok. That's out of the way. It wasn't a great week, exercise was a joke, when I did, it sounded like an obscene phone call, (nose wouldn't co-operate, in any fashion), and between that and candy, cookies, and food celebrations, I was working very hard not to just chuck it and be a total pig. (Trust me, this time of year, it isn't hard at ALL for me. I am a sweet junkie...) But I decided, ok, I might gain some, but I will be a living grouch if I totally abstain. And that will be not nice for anyone. And, after tomorrow, all the sweet crap should be out of the house, (we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, as my Daddy's birthday is on Christmas Day.) So, I did gain, but I tried mightily to limit myself to ONE of things, and not nosh incessantly. So, will hopefully get the return of the downhill slide soon. So. Pbbt.

In other news, the llamas are very pleased with my Christmas gift to them. They adore COB (corn, oats, barley) with molasses, and with the cold weather, they could use a little extra energy. The girl, Llama, was humming impatiently when she smelled the COB, and I turned to find her face against the chicken house screen, watching me intently.

It was frozen over this morning when I went to feed, I put out COB and hay. They carefully ignored the hay, and porked out on the COB. Lorenzo finally decided to sample the hay, after all the COB was gone, but only begrudgingly, and only because everything else was covered with frost. Llama, on the other hand, sat down and relaxed after breakfast.

I was amazed, she was steaming. The frost and such on her hair just goes away so quickly when she gets warm. I always try to give them a place to sleep inside on nights where it's so cold, but they've lived outside, and don't seem inclined to go in, whether I like it or not. Being rescues, I always wonder if that has to do with something in their background.

It's so strange having only 2 llamas, I keep expecting the others to show up, indignant that I didn't feed them. The two left seem to realize that the others are gone, but they aren't 'mourning' per se, just sort of a confused, "how come I don't have to fight for dinner" expression. I just keep them in my heart, and work with what I have. There are joys to rural farms, and there is sadness, too. This is one of the sad times, I guess.

To brighter news, Tuxedo had been gone for 3 days, and I was getting worried. He turned up, fit as a fiddle, (and smelling oddly of bacon... I am wondering if he's two timing me? Heh...), and so I have my long hair fuzzball back. He is sooo full looking now. He is eating well, and with his winter coat, he looks absolutely lush... I will try to get a picture, but he's been skittish about photos of late. (Again, a rescue. G*d only knows what his background is...)


  1. Hi Cat. Miniscule gain - a maintain really, which is great for this time of the year. Well done for holding down on your eating and not getting carried away.

    Interesting to hear about the llamas!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Hi, and welcome! Yes, I just tried not to beat myself up about it... I hope to get 'back on track' once all the noshes are gone.

    Keep checking back, the llamas are quite the characters!



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