Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Silliness, and guitar stringing along...

Ever wake up with those 2 in the morning burning questions, like:

If a werewolf and a vampire were to bite each other, what would happen? I thought, undead with a real shedding problem.

My mom came up with the best so far, "A Vamp-wolf". Somehow, I picture Mae West with fangs. (Considering the popularity of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, guess it's not such a long reach.)

I was going to make the cookies I had mentioned this morning, rather than wipe myself out last night. I set all the dry ingredients out last night, so I would have it all ready in the morning. Husband asked what I was doing, and I said, "I am my own Sous Chef." Faking mortification, he grasped his heart, and said, "George, Bill, ANYTHING but SOUS!"

(In case you don't get the joke... Besides, I just love Johnny Cash...)

And, well, I will have the guitar STRUNG by Christmas... Husband did a little repair on the bottom rest for the strings (bridge?), and a cheater type repair for the top rest, (nut??), with some plastic risers he devised. With any good luck what so ever, I might, (knocking frantically on wood) be able to string the guitar and have it work today.

Gee! And D, B, A, and E, even!

Okay, that's enough... I don't want to run off all my friends! Heh...


  1. I got it! But then I'm older then dirt! Hahaha!

  2. Yes, between being... "of a certain age", and a total science and sci-fi nerd, I have to explain my jokes a lot. But yep! Thank you! Heheheheheheee.


  3. I'm a fan of Johnny Cash myself. My mom had all of his records and I spent my childhood listening to them all.
    This guitar is for you to play?? I'm way behind on my blog reading, so I'll back track a bit here and perhaps find an amswer to my question there.

    And to answer your vampire/ werewolf question, the two are immune to each other I do believe, from all my years of serious research (puff piece reading) on the subject. But think about what you get for an offsprng when you combine the two. Scary!

  4. Yes, I grew up listening to the Man In Black... And yes, I am hoping to learn the guitar, guess I just have wanted to for some time, but just now am getting my act somewhat together to do so.

    I guess, as far as the werewolf and vampire question, I suppose it would be the purvue of the writer covering it. Considering the width and breadth of JUST vampires, any others, or combinations there of could be interesting...


  5. I have an award for you over my way.
    Good luck with that guitar stringing, and have a great weekend!!

  6. Did I remember to tell you I have an award for you? I'm very absentminded of late..........

  7. As one of my friends says:


    Thank you!



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