Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rudolph, where in the blazes ARE you?

This weather has gotten me down. I am most heartily SICK of the fog we have. I didn't like the extreme cold, mostly because I had to worry about my animals being too cold, but this fog...

Yuck. Everything is damp, I feel rotten, achy, and it seems like I can't get warm. I am not one, normally, to be wishing winter away. I like rain, (like a good Oregonian), but this fog just saps what little motivation and good feeling I have about weather. (On the bright side, I have been able to exercise more, as the ground is only slightly saturated, and I am not using the hill as a slip 'n slide!)

What to do. Lots of tea, hot as I can stand, and well... I do have my vegetable catalogs coming in. One of my neighbors, (that I know isn't a flake), has even offered to pay me (!!!) to raise kohlrabi for him. I told him I wouldn't take money, I would just work it out in trade later.

It's a lot easier that way. So, I will probably sit, and knit, and drink tea, see what seeds I've saved and what seeds I need, and desperately hope for a RAINY DAY! Or a WINDY DAY! How about a SUNNY DAY! Just no more FOG!!!

To add insult to injury, my animals seem very ambivalent about the whole thing. Hmph.

(I hasten to add that I do realize the weather in other parts of the country is very, very much worse. I have family in Florida, and right now I would give quite a lot for them to be calling to tease us about the lovely warm weather they normally have. Mother Nature throws curve balls with astounding accuracy, on occasion.)


  1. I would say that I would trade you, but it's been way too cold here for me. We've had intermittent days of sunshine, but not like I'd like to see. I'm looking for 70+ degrees with sunshine again, as are my girls. Then maybe I can get some eggs again!

  2. I must say, I would like it a BIT warmer, but hey, concept time, Self, it's winter,! Yes, this is definitely not the time of year for massive egg production... I found ONE egg today. I found ONE egg two days ago. But, hey, spring is coming!!! (And then watch out!)



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