Sunday, February 21, 2010

No wonder I can't work out portions...

A story of two apples...

I went to the store and bought some more apples, I have found that apples tend to blunt my want for more sugary, fatty foods.  I noticed some on sale, decided, wow, should get some more.  Then I got home.  The apple on the LEFT is the ones that were on sale.  The one on the RIGHT is a correct portion. 


And the apple I took the picture of, it was one of the smaller ones.  I am cutting these IN HALF, and feeding them to my llamas.  I don't need this much, and figure, I will chalk it up to portions not being my strong suit.  The llamas don't seem to mind.

And yes, I did notice they were bigger, but didn't realize how much so until I set it next to my "normal" apples.  I will learn.  It just sometimes takes a big hint.  Like an apple. 

(Why am I now thinking of Newton?)


  1. Hi Cat. I try to buy smaller apples - they do breed them to be too large these days. I often go for those children's bags of apples - the smaller sized apples for children's lunch packs.

    At least the llamas are getting a treat!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. That is the size that I should be eating! So yes, it works out well.

    And yes, I have notice the llamas are being so friendly to me lately... Hmmm...


  3. I'd known that store apples have gotten freakishly large, but that picture just went ahead and put a nice solid spin on it. The face I made when I saw it...classic.

  4. Normal is overrated :)

    I mean heck, normal February weather would not involve sitting on my porch while wearing shorts (blinding the neighbors with my white legs).

    Next time I'm in the store, I'll take a closer look at them apples.

  5. Becca:

    My problem is, with portion control, I have to make sure and check things like this. It ain't just apples! :/


  6. The Merry:

    Yes, it's been wonderful, IN THE DAYTIME. Here it's getting down to the 30's and almost 20's locally, and then back up to the high 60's, the poor plants seem to be doing all right, but I keep expecting freezer burn. (And I have always said the only time I would wear shorts is in an emergency, my legs are so white that they could substitute for a signalling device...)



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