Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One word tag.

Since I have seen this a few times, and noticed that Whispering Acres had said anyone can take a 'tag', I decided to see what I could do. 

So.  Rules:

Answer the questions with ONE word.
Have fun!
And, of course, tag five other people.

So, if you are reading this and you want to try it, TAG, you are it!  Heh.  How's that for bending the crap out of the rules...


Your cell phone? @#$*^!!!!

Your hair? Greying.

Your Mother? Forceful.

Your Father? Inquisitive.

Your Favorite Food? Chocolate.

Your Dream last night? None...

Your Favorite drink? Soda. : (

Your Dream/Goal? 150.

What Room are you in? Radio.

Your hobby? Knitting.

Your fear? Spiders.

Where do you see yourself in six years? Enjoying.

Where were you last night? Uncomfortable.

Something you aren't? Liar.

Muffins? Costco.

Wish list item?  Goats.

Where did you grow up?  Oregon.

Last thing you did? Type.

What are you wearing? Handknits.

Your TV? Pathetic.

Your pets? Spoiled.

Your friends? Busy.

Your life? Is.

Your mood? Variable.

Missing someone? Grandma.

Vehicle? Volkswagen.

Something you aren't wearing?  Nope.  :)

Favorite store? W. Woolworks.  (Hey, the store has two words in its name...)

Favorite color? RED

Last time you laughed? 6ish.

Last time you cried? 2009.

Your best friend? Driving.

One place you go to over and over again? Kennel.

Facebook? Darkside...

Twitter? Twits...

Favorite place to eat? ONE?!??!!?


  1. Wow! You last cries in 2009? I last cried on Friday - I don't handle teasing very well and Honey and her Dad were teasing me!!!

  2. Yes, I don't cry very often, but WATCH OUT when I do... Scary!


  3. My wish list item(s) would be more land for more chickens. Not gonna post, though. Maybe another time. Enjoyed yours. Informative.

  4. Randy:

    Well, we have a couple roosters, and broody hens... The math says that if I don't have another Bobcat invasion, that should happen, probably sooner than I am ready for! Ha! Thanks!



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