Thursday, March 18, 2010

We have taken this space!

Good day to you all. My Lady is busy, and I have decided to help her by writing one of these missives.

K, hai.

Ahem. That is Buzz. I am Tuxedo, my lady adores me. I think she appreciates the charms of my diminutive friend, albeit Buzz has an annoying habit of-


You idiotic arse! My tail is NOT a chew toy!

Ahi think its great kitteh toy!!1!

Obnoxious bra... Ahem. Young scamp, I am TRYING to write here, please find something else to do.

Ah. She left. I will now continue. My lady has been at a class, and was out all day yesterday, and the day before. Something about classes. I learned all I needed to from my sainted mother, and feel no need for more schooling...

Tag, on your tail, bitin yer butt!!1!! OMG!1


What IS your problem??

Bored, kthanxbai...

Give me strength. To continue, my lady fed us with the aid of a flashlight, and came home when it was dark, and complained bitterly about my affections when she returned, something to the effect of, "Get away from my feet, Furball, I am going to trip over you!" She had a light, I saw no problem. I do think she worries a bit too much.

She did seem excited about what she was doing, discussing exploding whales, tanker trucks, and earthquakes. I listened politely, although I found the discussion a bit strange. The Man seemed interested, however, so I do think there might be something to it. But I was able to be loving to her more than he was, albeit just to her feet. Why, oh why, does she not pick me up more often?

Cuz yer bigger than LOLrus!1!! Bai-

Excuse me. I have decided that I need to give a bit of 'educating' of my own to my small, annoying counterpart. Enjoy your day, and I do believe that my lady will speak of her own accord about... Whales? Trucks? Earthquakes?? when she returns.

Right now I need to recover my dignity.

Wat dignitty, LOLrus butt?

The hunt begins...


  1. Now THAT is quintessential cat.

  2. Me, 2? Mahm thinks ahi am more kitteh than LOLrus butt



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