Monday, April 19, 2010

Is it over yet? Gawd, I hope so...

You ever have one of those weeks where you wonder what ELSE is going to happen?

I had two. 

Nothing big, just enough little stuff that I was beginning to personally understand the concept of "being nibbled to death by ducks".  I started last week with a bit of an ache in my LEFT ankle.  The GOOD ankle.  The one that DOESN'T hurt, as a rule. 


Ok, ignore it, it's just a little ache... Well, as of two weeks, it not only hasn't gone away, it has actually awakened me at night.  I don't want to go to the shiny new doctor, but I am not sure what it is.  It might just be some new and interesting arthritis, but it seems to be in the muscle, not the bone, so I am just a tad confused.  And it doesn't ALWAYS hurt.  With the other ankle, when it hurts, it hurts.  So, I might have a wrenched tendon.  I is soooo excited. 


I decided to check in as the Public Info Officer, and Le Boss said he'd like to have the CERT program have a Facebook page (as well as a newsletter, which I finished, but didn't get a thing from him about what was to be in it, so we shall see what ensues).  I decided to take a class on Facebook, so I would not be totally in the dark on how it works.  After spending the funds and going to the first class...

I realized that just by watching Husband, who has a page, I knew more than the teacher.  I asked at the beginning of the class if one could have a 'business' page, without a personal page.  He dinn't know.  Well, can I do X, to privatize the personal page.  He dinn't know. 

Ooooookay, if I get on there, and I want to reject a person's "gifts" that are sent me, how do I do that?  He... dinn't know THAT, either.  I suffered through 4 classes, and begrudgingly, I did learn a little, (he did seem to know some amount about privacy settings, which I most definitely wanted...), but I think I could have saved the $24 for goodies on my trip in June (priorities, ya know), and just muddled around and figured out the thing ON MY OWN. 

Then the dork went on, and on, and on the last day, he was late to class again, (he'd been late the last time), and then had the cajones to say that we could all stay late, HE had nothing else he needed to do after class.  I was about to get up and leave, just because I was so frustrated, but one of the other gals piped up and said, well, you may not, but I have to go to work.  I slipped out with her.  The teacher then called out after us that he had 3 more classes coming up, and we shouldn't miss 'em, they will be this summer.  Sure thing, guy...

When H*ll freezes solid and the Devil wears a Parka, maybe. But most likely, not even then.

But before I left, one of the others asked about the business vs. personal thing, again.  Oh, he said, I looked that up, you can do that.  (I am quite proud of myself, I didn't strangle him on the spot.)  So, now, I am going to ON MY OWN figure out how to take DOWN the page I made, which I didn't want.  (I really have nothing against Facebook, per se, it just doesn't interest me.)  I will then make the CERT page, and be able to just baby sit that.  I just have to write a nice thank you to the few that 'friended' me, and explain why I am going to drop the page. 

Tux, (the lovely sight you behold in my bio photo), was not doing too well.  I am not sure what happened, but he was cut in the neck, as if he had been bitten or scratched in a fight.  I am nursing him as much as I am able, he seems to be recovering nicely (he seems to feel the cheese is quite a palliative.  I agree.  Except I wish he would not try to remove my fingers in the process...) 

I put up my greenhouse, on the only half day I had free this last two weeks.  Now, I am an Oregonian, so I don't worry over a bit of rain. 


I had to get my hat when it started, as I was building the greenhouse. (It is one of those cool Tinkertoy kind, that has the slip on plastic cover.  Ok, yes, I am strange, but I like the build-it kind.)  I was getting a bit chilled, but by gumbo, I was NOT going to quit.  So I went in the house, got my raincoat.  The wind was picking up enough that I had to get a magnet to hold the directions down.  Did that wise me up? No, I plugged along.  Rudee hid in his dog house, watching the crazy woman at work.  It was only when Husband came home, and I couldn't say hello without my teeth chattering, he said he'd get lunch, and maybe I should get dry before I went to class.  So, I go to class, what happens? 

The sun comes out.  It's beautiful!  Gorgeous!  Wonderful!  And I am stuck in a room with Mr. Dork that doesn't know anything, and never turns off his cell during class. 

On the bright side, when I got home, Husband had helped me with a problem I had understanding one part of the directions, and had finished the green house. 

Ta Da!  Rudee loves the shade.  Most of the time...

Then I finally figured, I will get payback for all of this annoyance, I had on the calendar, for about 2 months, a "Rural Living" expo, at the county fair grounds.  Mom had called and asked when it started.  I looked it up, found nothing.  Hmm.  So I looked it up on another website.  Still nothing.  Finally remembered a vendor I knew was going to be there, looked on that site, which directed me to the Rural Living website, and...

They'd cancelled the expo.  I couldn't help it, I laughed my head off, it just fit with all the nonsense of the last two weeks.  So, I decided, darn it, I have a free day, I went out and cleaned out one of the gardens, and helped Husband clean his truck (until my ankle started up again), and made a day AT HOME of it. 

So, nothing major, as far as it went this last two weeks, I was just continually on the go, and it was just STUPID little stuff that I had to deal with.  (Well, except for the animals and Husband, they were good, for the most part.  Llamas didn't even get grumpy this week.  And I am cutting back on the feed since it's going into grazing season.) So, this next week is not going to be as busy, and I am going to be able to work some more on the garden(s), as the mighty weather guessers say it's supposed to be nice for a day or two, and I think I am going to...

Well, I don't know, but it will not involve Facebook, that teacher, or being on the go every day this next week. 

I will be spinning at an Ag Expo next weekend. 

If they don't cancel.


  1. Shhhhh, don't say you will be going anyplace too publically, or it is sure to be cancelled!

    Seriously, I'm sorry that your last two weeks has been so craptastic. I hope that your ankle is going to be OK.

    I'm hurting too, but, it's just from hauling my aged and not slim body over hill and dale for over two hours yesterday, trying to get woods photos. Honestly, I looked at the last hill I had to climb before I was back on home territory, and didn't know if I was going to make it. Only the thought that I had salmon for supper (food, my favorite thing) kept me going.

  2. I know what you mean about that class. I handle accounts payable for the district in the co. I work for. Well, the made some changes, and I will now be responsible for some things that have been handled at our corporate office. We had an online conference to discuss what is required of us at district level, and it was conducted by the IT dept. They could answer 0% of the questions asked because all they knew what what changes were made in the system (which was insignificantly little). It was a waste of my time. And if that weren't enough, they made us test our computers b/c they didn't want us not knowing how to get into the conference. Then at the 9 a.m. meeting they had to reschedule for 2 p.m. b/c the IT dept couldn't get things right on their end!'s been a hell week with things at work. Good luck!

  3. I can see how a couple of weeks like that would wear you down! Here's hoping the next few pick up, and that Tux makes a full recovery without reducing your fingers to nubbins.

  4. Louise:
    Yes, according to Murphy's Law, I have just signed the death warrant for next weekend, but hey, guess I am living on the wild side... Craptastic. Yes, I would say that pretty well fit my opinion of the last two weeks. The class part, at any rate.

    Food as a motivator... Wouldn't know a THING about that... ;D


  5. Randy:

    Oh, man, I think I can say yours outshines mine for annoying, at least I wasn't really REQUIRED to be at it, I just figured it couldn't get worse, right? (Sigh.) But having to do that, THEN reschedule? Crainial Rectal inversion, obviously... But, hey, at least we can say it's over, right. (At least I hope so.)


  6. Sarah:

    Yes, he seems to be doing much better, with the proviso I don't scratch his chin on that side, it still is rather tender, so I have to be careful. I have learned quickly to DROP THE CHEESE, and he will work on his Hoover impression, which is much better on my fingers...


  7. I feel your angst as my days have seemed to flow like that lately. (For what I just paid an emergency plumber I could've bought my first spinning wheel!)
    There's always bits of sunshine in with all the drudge though (I hope!). Hope kitty is better soon! And your ankle! The FB thing is so funny. I'm still probably the only holdout on earth who doesn't have a page.

  8. Gah! Emergency ANYTHING seems to put more $$ after it... But things *should* be slowing down a bit, in fact, I actually had time yesterday to do some planting!

    I wouldn't have done FB willingly. And soon, it might disappear into the mists of whatever the internets have as mists... I didn't want a personal page, and still don't. Hmph.



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