Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'll write, honest!

Catching this real quick at the substation.  Husband has been on the computer, (he is designing new and interesting molds for the company he works for, jewelry, and some boating 'stuff '), when I have been available to blog.  When I am home.  It's been not HARD stuff, except for one class... (I was the presenter. In a class of adults.  Most of whom knew as much OR MORE about the subject than I did.  It was... unique. I survived, thank G*d.)

I will be busy on weekends in June, but I am hoping against hope that I can catch up during the week.  I have been doing the usual sub station work, (having, through good fortune and a weak stomach) avoided cleaning buckets (which in a former life held powdered egg, were cleaned, not so well, and put away wet.  I did... 2, before I decided losing my lunch was NOT worth it.  I offered to do almost anything else, which led to a lot of cutting out of booklet material.  I can cut with the best of 'em, and so decided that would suit me much better.

I had been to an ag fair, and was spinning.  I had a young girl come up (first one!) and ask if that was the "thing that the girl did in Sleeping Beauty".  I told her yes, and I was impressed she knew about this.  She then peered at my wheel and said, what did she stick her finger on? 


Wouldn't ya know, that would be the ONE time, no one had brought a wheel with a flax spike.  I explained it to her as best as I could, but really wished I had a picture or something, I don't think that she quite understood my explanation.  And no one else had anything like that on their wheel, either. Poo.

I helped at the Triathalon, and the gal I mentioned was there, just as neat as always, she was getting a smidge pink when she got back, (she is fair skinned and blonde, and I don't think she used quite enough sunscreen), but she was absolutely glowing with happiness to be on the go again.  I had to leave early, or I would have sought her out.  I really think she's cool.  Even with a sunburn...

I am mulling over dropping some things I do for my ren faire.  I haven't decided if it will be permanent or not, but after 10+ years, I think I want to just have a year where I play.  Not be responsible for a bunch of artsy fartsy flakes creative volunteers, who have great ideas, but getting all coordinated has to be a reason for at least some of my grey hairs.  And I want to try out a character other than the peasant I normally use.  A crazy gypsy type... Which is probably not so far removed from me.  (But then, neither is the peasant.) 

I was encouraged to try a noble, but I keep thinking that between the fact I don't do well with layers, and I am not comfortable being a 'boss' (but people keep wanting me to be a guild leader, which in turns amazes and depresses me), so I haven't really worked on that.  I do have an idea for an outfit, however, if Lady Whatshername ever does come to fruition, if I can afford the  red and black velvet.  (Yes, velvet, or at least fake velvet, that was all the rage with the hip nobles of the 16th century.  Just because it's 90 degrees and out in a hay field, details, details...)

I am laughing, sort of, I have had noting but my 'regular' things to do, and very little on weekends.  Come June, however, I will have at least a choice of 2 (or more) every weekend!  Oh, and I was told I could go and help out at the ren faire and do some training the weekend I am going to see Petty.

Don't EVEN think so!

(I promise, I will get about and read my friend's blogs, I am not ignoring all of you!  Honest!!)


  1. You poor Dear, that just sounded exhausting!

    You must get a flax spike, to be prepared, lol!

  2. Sharon:

    The only problem is, my wheel wouldn't use one. It would just be some other goofy thing for me to carry about. I guess I should spin with a wheel that uses one, just in case. New wheel. Hmmm... LOL!


  3. Never pass up an excuse for new toys, Cat. And, this sounds like the perfect one. Busy days can be fulfilling ones, but, remember to schedule a day for yourself, once in a while.

  4. Louise:

    Oh, I rarely do. I think that's why I am such a pack rat... Heh. But, yes, I am trying desperately not to overschedule. It makes things less fun, or even NOT fun, and sometimes I end up getting sick, as I don't take care of myself well enough. Eh. I am sure that I will figure it out.


  5. I dunno, a Gypsy with layers of cloth that hold all kinds of goodies would be pretty neat. "Lets see what I have got here, hmmm, crystal ball, enchanted apple, love potion number 9, glass eye, ah - here it is, flax spike!"

  6. Chai Chai:

    Not fair, reading while drinking tea. Now have tea coming out nose! HAHAHAHA! You realize that has just made me more encouraged to do so!



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