Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiny downturn, knittybooboo, and screamin' mimis.

Scale day.  Lost a whole .2 pounds.  I know what the problem was this week, I made cookies for a potluck, and brought the darn things home.  Oh, Husband will eat them, I can stay out. 


But, on the bright side, I am wearing some pants that I haven't been able to wear, as they were too tight.  That's good.  Especially since they are light weight, light colored pants, and we have been having off and on hot weather.  Like to have something a little less warm! (I don't do shorts...)

In other news, I have been knitting Tabi (mitten style, or flip-flop) socks, and I have one finished.  Have been working on the other, and I don't know why I made the mistake, but on the decreases, you are supposed to knit one round, then decrease one round.  SOMEHOW, it got screwed up on the second sock, I decreased every round.  I had been doing this 'on the go', so the only reason I can figure out, is that I just wasn't counting correctly, or had my head up my tush in the clouds, and didn't notice that the sock was becoming narrow enough Tuxedo's foot would have a hard time.  So, I have frog-ified where I messed up, and will be knitting up that section again.  (Hence no pictures of a lovely, bright colored pair of socks right here.)

Rudee tried to scare me a few days ago...  We were walking down the hill after my exercise, and suddenly he roars down the hill, running flat out.  This isn't terribly unusual, when Husband is at the gate, Rudee will rush to see if his toy is at the ready. 

(Husband loves to tease Rudee unmercifully, squeaking the toy, while NOT opening the gate, so Rudee is jumping and barking like a crazy dog.  I keep telling Husband that I am not going to feel a bit sorry for him, if Rudee ever decides to bite him in the butt...)

I realize Husband isn't at the gate.  Hmm. 

And then I see Rudee plow into the berry bushes near the fence.  That was strange... 

That's when the screaming started.

I thought it was Rudee at first, then registered it was real high pitched.  A girl?  Was there some kid hiding in the brush?  (This has happened at my Mom and Dad's place.)  I start down the hill at a fast trot, calling for Rudee to heel up, which he was studiously ignoring, (G*d save me from stubborn dogs), and see the brush moving, along with more screaming.  I was getting worried, was Rudee biting the kid?  What WAS going on? 

I get about halfway to where Rudee was, and out pops a fawn from the brush.  It was still spotted, and it was completely wall-eyed, running out of the brush and trying to jump our fence.  (Another reason I am not fond of deer, they are heck on fences...) 

Another scream, and it charged right at me.  Oh, a deer, right, they scream, too.  I just held still, knowing it would head away from me.  I was more worried about what Rudee would do.  I didn't see an adult deer anywhere around, but the fawn was intent in getting over the fence.  It managed to get over just as Rudee came blasting out of the brush, right at me.  I backed up, not sure if he'd get stopped in time, as he has managed to head-butt me after a full out run, on more than one occasion.  But, he managed to get himself stopped, and was just immensely pleased with his deer run.  I wasn't really happy with him going into the brush.  I also have to fix some fence the fawn managed to tear up and tangle, but I guess it turned out ok...

You know, this is supposed to me MY time to exercise, the dog seems to be getting much more out of it than I am... 

But I still think I will pass on chasing deer.


  1. Well, I'm sure your heart rate went up at some point. The poor fawn, and poor you! Rudee had some good exercise!

    About that knitting... argh, don't you hate that? I fully understand, the no showing it today! I have been known to scrap the whole thing and start over. Frustrating!

  2. Well, I must say, when I couldn't figure out what the screaming was coming from, I was getting a few extra beats in, yes!

    I didn't need to scrap it wholesale, but it was about 2-3 inches worth, which is STILL a pain inna butt!


  3. Don't you just hate how cookies and stuff like this call out your name? Omg I matter how good they are hidden from me, they seem to find me. I hate that....I can't exercise enough to get rid of what I can eat's horrible.

  4. Jeez, I thought that you were going to say that Rudi got a rabbit. Poor fawn, and poor you. Not poor Rudi, sounds like he had a high old time.

  5. Thank you for your kind words regarding my post.

    Sounds like you, Rudee, and the deer had an adventure! And got some exercise as well...

    Congrads on the 2 pounds less!!!!

  6. Talk about an adventure. I'm sure Rudee is proud of himself for saving you from the attack he is sure the fawn was hiding to stage.

    Good luck on the re-knitting.

  7. I am working on two at a time socks. If I try it one at a time, I never get to the second sock!!!

  8. Tina:

    YES! That's why that kind of thing doesn't come into the house normally. I had made this specifically for the potluck, and if I had a brain in my head, I should have left it for the deputies, (most of them eat like starving teen boys, it wouldn't have gone to waste...), but I will remember for next time.


  9. Louise:

    Other than a mild panic attack, I am fine. Rudee was tickled pink. The fawn... I haven't seen, so it might even still be running! :/


  10. Carol:

    You are welcome! I know Rudee had a workout. I think the deer might have been more an adrenaline workout than anything.

    (oh, uh. It was point 2. Less than a pound. SIGH... But it WAS down...)


  11. messymimi:

    He thought he did a good thing... Silly goofball...

    I think the re-knit will go a bit better. :)


  12. Ms. Diva:

    I have usually no problem with "second sock syndrome", but if I do, it's easy for me to cure, I alternate between two pair of socks, I knit sock a, then sock b, repeat, and I don't get bored, and I get two pair socks out of the deal. BUT, I want to learn how to do the 2 at a time socks, one of the gals in my spinning class does that and it looks just interesting as all get out to try...



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