Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hi, didja miss me? :)

I am just now getting back to feeling semi-human again...  I have been on the go, preparing to be on the go, or just getting BACK from being on the go all this month.  This, I might add, is incredibly unusual.  Normally, I would have 2 major events, separated by nearly the whole month.  While it's not an excuse, that's why the ol' blog has been slim pickin's of late... 

To wit:  I sat down twice, during the afternoon to write a blog, on Sunday, and Monday, and Husband woke me in the evening, after dark, asking why I was working on the computer in a pitch black room.  (I suspect he didn't notice the screen saver was floating little pictures on the screen.)

Well, Hon, my eyes were closed, so it really didn't make much difference... Yes, I fell sound asleep in front of the computer.  I even took a nap on one of the days, which is something I do not do as a rule.

I will try and catch up all my blog friends on my exploits and wonderment, (Hush, I heard that, stop laughing!), but I will have to try and make it over the course of three or four blogs, if I mush everything into one blog, it would be long, confusing, and probably look funny.  Like the way my hair dried today.  (Not kidding, my cow lick looks like a horn, lovely when I am trying to look at least a LITTLE professional at the Substation today...)     :(

So, for any that were waiting impatiently for the Sunday Supplement, or Monday or Tuesday blogging, I just didn't have it in me.  Well, actually I did, but just couldn't stay awake long enough to get it back out again.  So, will see what interesting stuff I can fit in, in the next few days.  (If I am vewy, vewy qwiet, I might not have to go anywhere hunting wabbits.  Or anything else...)


So, today is Wednesday, and it's scale day, boys and girls, what have we from the magical scale machine today?  I lost 2.8 pounds!  I really wish I could say, oh, of course, I just did this, and this, and the scale just shoots down. 

I can't. 

I still step on the scale with trepidation.  I walk daily now.  (Rudee is now getting to the point, if I sleep in, and Husband goes out to let him potty, Rudee walks to the door, and waits for me, and isn't totally convinced Husband needs to put him back in the kennel, in fact, I guess Husband has had to be rather insistent on more than one occasion, or Rudee would have just sat there, ignoring him...) 

I am learning portion control, slowly, and that if I want something, I don't need to make a triple batch, just because that's the way I have always done.  I can make (gasp) a cup of something, or (swoon) eat a HALF a candy bar, and put the rest in the freezer for later.  I try not to have candy bars all that often, but either sharing them with Husband or eating half has helped.  I guess I am learning that I don't need to eat it all, just 'cuz it's sitting there...  And I am finding, the more I do this, the more I am not wanting huge amounts.  This, Martha, is a good thing. 

But it doesn't always work. 

There are days that I have had waaaaay too many Mango strips, (thought I was doing a good thing, until I realized the darn things are coated in sugar, to the extent that like 3 strips are a serving.  Next batch will be home dried, or eaten fresh, if I can find them), or pigged out on chips with cheese.  But, instead of beating myself up (much), I decided that, well, if I ate more, I can walk more.  My motivation isn't always to do extra, but since I do have the motivation barking at me frantically (mine AND the dogs), I figure, walking anyway, what's 5 minutes more.  

So, that has been the magic secret, diet (i.e. portion control), and exercise. Big surprise, huh?

And having a hyper walking buddy that keeps me safe from marauding squirrels and bloodthirsty deer...


  1. WOW!!!!!!!! That is fantastic! It won't be long and your "skinny" jeans will be falling off of you! Bet your husband is checking you out more, hee hee, is that one of those weight loss exercises? (wink wink)

  2. Yay on the weight loss. And booo on being ultra busy. Nothing can wear you out like too many "I gottas."

  3. Howdy! Nice to see you here again. Congrats on the weight loss. My youngest daughter dropped 15 pounds just by walking every evening.
    You have a great sense of humour. :)

  4. Hey there! Yeah, sometimes life keeps us hopping and away from the blogging don`t it?

  5. Good for you on keeping on! Start substituting good things for the stuff you want less of in your diet, and you won't have room for those things any more.

    Walking is the best exercise of all, and you are loving yourself when you do it.

    Catch up on your rest, and happy reading around the blogosphere!

  6. Sharon:

    Well, I don't have skinny jeans, they would have been in and out of fashion at least twice... But that just means I can get some NEW jeans, right?

    And I laugh uproariously at that comment, because he was talking about me being able to fit into his jeans, and I think I mentioned something about it being fun to get into each others jeans... ;) He actually walked out of the room, then back in, before it clicked. ROFL


  7. Louise:

    Well, one was an "I gotta". The rest were badly timed "I wannas".

    But I survived! :)


  8. AJ-Oaks:

    Well, Hi! Yes, I must say, that walking was a struggle at first, but with the ol' walking partner, an music, it's getting pretty enjoyable. With the possible exception of fog.

    And thank you!


  9. Feral Female:

    From blogging, from reading blogs, from emails, all that good stuff... But, this too will pass.


  10. messymimi:

    Substitutions, yes, I have tried some, others I figure portion control. Whatever works.

    Loving myself? Hadn't thought about it that way, but yes, I suppose it's true!

    I think I will catch up about 2099... IF everyone stops writing today... (Oh, right. Never mind...)



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